Tony Khan Talks About AEW's Positive Relationship With Warner Bros. Discovery

Ever since Warner Bros. and Discovery joined forces, wrestling fans and pundits have speculated about what the merger could mean for All Elite Wrestling. However, AEW President Tony Khan isn't worried about the company's flagship shows being dropped any time soon. While speaking to "Wrestling Observer Radio," he revealed that AEW has a positive relationship with the Warner Bros. Discovery executives and everyone involved seems excited about the future.

"I'm really excited that AEW is seeming to be one of the shows they're really excited about — one of the franchises they're excited about. We've had really great engagement with the new management. Not only engagement, [but] the way they've treated us has also been better than we've ever been treated since we came into Warner Brothers."

Khan went on to say that they've always been treated brilliantly by Warner Bros., but the new management team has allowed the wrestling company to branch out and collaborate with other divisions within the media conglomerate. The AEW President said that the recent "House of the Dragon" and "Shark Week" crossovers with "Dynamite" is the result of the new team trusting AEW. 

Furthermore, it's enabled the company to build a better relationship with HBO, which means the world to Khan as he's a fan of the network and its reputation for producing quality. "They're not the easiest people to please. They have a really high standard," he explained.

Of course, Warner Bros. Discovery might not be happy with every facet of AEW programming. The new management team has reportedly told the company to tone it down with the bad language, though they seem fine with blood as of this writing.