AEW All Out 2022 Results (9/4): Jon Moxley Vs. CM Punk, Inaugural Trios Champions Crowned, MJF Returns

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Tonight's PPV features a loaded card with 15 matches taking place across the Zero Hour pre-show and the main card, with eight championship matches taking place, as well as several grudge bouts between major rivals. The main event will see Jon Moxley and CM Punk collide once again for the AEW World Championship in front of the Chicago crowd at the Now Arena.

Announced Card

* Eddie Kingston vs Tomohiro Ishii 

* PAC (c) vs Kip Sabian – AEW All Atlantic Championship Match

* HOOK (c) vs Angelo Parker – FTW Championship Match

* Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo (c) vs. Ortiz & Ruby Soho – AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship Match

* The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs Dark Order – World Trios Championship Tournament Final for AEW World Trios Championship

* Bryan Danielson vs Chris Jericho 

* Toni Storm vs Hikaru Shida vs Britt Baker vs Jamie Hayter – Interim AEW Women's Championship Match

* Wardlow & FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs Jay Lethal & Motor City Machine Gun(Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

* Wheeler Yuta vs Claudio Castagnoli vs Rush vs Andrade El Idolo vs Rey Fenix vs Penta Oscuro vs Dante Martin vs Joker? – Casino Ladder Match for AEW World Title Shot

* Christian Cage vs Jungle Boy 

* Swerve in Our Glory (Keith Lee & Shane Strickland)(c) vs The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

* Powerhouse Hobbs vs Ricky Starks

* Jade Cargill (c) vs Athena – AEW TBS Women's Championship Match

* House of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Mathews & Brody King) vs Miro, Sting & Darby Allin 

* Jon Moxley (c) vs CM Punk – AEW World Championship Match

AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship Match

Tonight's Zero Hour begins with Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo backstage making out until a car appears with Ruby Soho and Ortiz and they run over Guevara as Soho then hits Melo with a trash can. They then get carried to the ring with Soho sending Melo crashing into the steel stairs and the match gets underway with Soho nailing Guevara with a DDT. Ortiz then hits a Death Valley Driver as Soho then spikes him to the mat. 

The champions manage to turn things around as Sammy holds up Soho for Melo to kick her in the face as she tags in and then plants a kiss on her opponent. Ortiz then tags in and drops Guevara with a lariat, he drops him again and holds Guevara for Soho to drop down but Melo takes her out. She then hits the ropes and Guevara throws her up to hit a Canadian Destroyer, but Guevara follows it with a Swanton, only for Ortiz to kick out. 

When the referee is distracted Anna Jay appears, but Soho is able to see it coming and she sends her into the stairs. However, back inside the ring the champions lift their opponents and have a kiss, but their attempts get reversed with stereo strikes which gets a near fall. Ortiz sends Guevara out of the ring, but as Soho tries to jump down Melo gets involved and superplexes Soho out of the ring as they crash down into their partners. 

Inside the ring, Soho manages to turn things around, but as she looks for a running knee strike Jay grabs her foot, and that allows Melo to hit the TayKO to retain their titles. 

Winners (and still champions): Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo

HOOK (c) vs. Angelo Parker (FTW Championship Match)

The two me lock up to start this one off, with the champion bringing Angelo Parker down to the mat, but a distraction from Matt Menard allows his partner to get a cheap shot in, which he follows up by sending HOOK into the ropes. Parker continues to remain in control from that point, connecting with a dropkick, but HOOK fights back and stomps on Menard's hand when he tries to get involved again. 

He follows up with several Judo throws and an exploder suplex, and even though Parker then connects with a big boot the champion begins throwing hands. HOOK connects with another suplex, and then Red Rum is put on as Parker taps out immediately. 

Winner (and still champion): HOOK

After the bell Menard hits the ring and attacks the champion from behind, stomping away on him in the corner. However, Action Bronson is here and he's seen enough, he throws Menard away and then throws Parker across the ring as he and HOOK stand tall as the Jericho Appreciation Society stars head to the back. 

PAC (c) vs Kip Sabian – AEW All Atlantic Championship Match

Kip Sabian catches PAC with a boot to the face to get things started as he then stomps away on the champion before flying into him in the corner, but PAC then allows Sabian to chase him around the ring, booting him in the head upon his return. PAC then tries to go to the top rope but Sabian hits a kick of his own, the two men then come down and Sabian hits an enziguri that sends PAC out of the ring. 

Sabian connects with a split-leg moonsault, but it doesn't take PAC long to turn things around as he hits a brainbuster to the floor. Sabian gets sent crashing into the guard rail, and back inside the ring, he follows up with a dropkick to the back of Sabian's head, which gets a near fall. The challenger nails a headbutt and then an uppercut and several strikes into a dragon suplex. 

However, PAC returns with a German suplex, he looks for the Black Arrow but Sabian rolls to the other side of the ring, and then sends PAC into the turnbuckle before hitting a DDT and then a slingshot/brainbuster combination. Sabian then starts talking to his box, but the champion grabs his ear and then hits a major forearm strike, and he then stomps away on him while Sabian smiles and asks for more. That is exactly what he gets and then some, as PAC hits the Black Arrow. 

Winner (and still champion): PAC

After the match, Tony Schiavone interviews PAC, but before he can say anything he is interrupted by Orange Cassidy! PAC simply says, "no," they've been here before and Cassidy knows how it ends. PAC says he isn't a wrestler, he's a joke, and he should get to the back of the line. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Sabian is screaming at his box.

Eddie Kingston vs. Tomohiro Ishii

The two men waste zero time getting aggressive as they go back and forth just chopping each other's chests with some huge strikes as they get a standing ovation, and it is Eddie Kingston who comes out on top by shoving his opponent down. Tomohiro Ishii responds with even more chops though, attacking Kingston in the corner as he falls down to the mat due to the pressure. 

Kingston then gets up and throws a few more chops, but one big forearm strike from Ishii sends the AEW star to the mat, with Ishii following up with a suplex. Kingston isn't done fighting though, he comes back with the machine gun chops in the corner, planting the NJPW star with a pitbull and then a running elbow strike. Kingston then begins throwing more chops, but Ishii takes them all and comes back with a shoulder block. 

Ishii kicks Kingston in the back, but that fires him up and then they begin slapping each other in the face with Ishii taking control, but Kingston then manages to take Ishii down but hurts his shoulder in the process. Kingston then gets suplexed and nailed with a massive lariat, with both men then doing the same thing and just falling to the mat. When they get up Kingston hits another lariat and then a powerbomb, but Ishii is able to kick out. 

Ishii connects with an enziguri and a big lariat, but this time it is Kingston who is able to kick out. Ishii looks for a brainbuster, but Kingston blocks it and hits the Uraken, but Ishii kicks out! He then hits another, but follows it up with the Northern Lights Bomb, and this time Ishii stays down. 

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Casino Ladder Match

Rey Fenix and Wheeler Yuta are the first two men out in this one, with Fenix wasting no time setting up a ladder by laying it onto the guard rail, but it is Fenix who gets sent flying into it off the top turnbuckle. Yuta starts climbing as Rush makes his way to the ring and pulls him down, and then slams him into the steel before he attacks Fenix by launching him into the guard rails.

Andrade El Idolo then appears, and he and Rush start setting up ladder bridges both in and out of the ring as Fenix gets sent head first into one. They then discuss who should climb, but Fenix and Yua come and try to stop them, with Yuta being sent crashing into the bridged ladder between the ropes and the standing ladder as Andrade flips over him and hits a powerbomb. 

Claudio Castagnoli is next out, immediately uppercutting Rush, and he pushes the ladder through, and while Andrade is on it Castagnoli ends up pushing the entire thing as Andrade spills to the floor and Dante Martin enters. The ladders slightly get in the way of what he has planned, but he takes out Claudio and Fenix, eventually springboarding to the middle of the ladder, but he then falls down and while Castagnoli catches him, they both end up out of the ring.

Penta is out next and he starts taking out everyone in sight, eventually getting onto the ladder bridge outside the ring, hitting a Destroyer onto it, meanwhile Fenix splashes through a table onto Rush. Dante, Yuta and Castagnoli are on the ladder, but then a group of masked individuals appear, sending them fling as they then jump everyone in sight, they then climb up and collect the chip as it is revealed to be Stokely Hathaway with all the men he has been signing recently. 

The Joker then makes their way down to the ring, who is a masked individual, and when he gets in the ring Stokely gives him the chip to win the match. The masked man teases taking the mask off, but he doesn't and the group leaves. 

Winner: The Joker

The Elite vs. The Dark Order (World Trios Championship Finals)

"Hangman" Adam Page starts this one out with Nick Jackson, but Matt Jackson and Alex Reynolds are quick to tag themselves in, but as they go back and forth John Silver then tags in and takes a cheap shot at his back. The two of them start stomping down on Matt's bad back, but Page gets in the ring and tells them to stop, he tags in, and then it comes down to Kenny Omega and Page.

They lock up and end up heading into the corner as Silver tags himself in and takes control of the arm, allowing Reynolds to come in and send Omega into the turnbuckles. They bring down Omega and hit stereo dropkicks, but then Omega tags himself in as they argue, with Omega and Page then trading big chops until the Cowboy hits a massive big boot and a fallaway slam. 

Page looks to springboard and attack Omega, but he moves and eats a superkick from Nick, while The Young Bucks also take out his partners. Back in the ring and Matt hits a big elbow drop, but Page is able to kick out. The Elite then work together with some combination offense to take Page down, but he responds with a Death Valley Driver to Omega which allows him to tag Silver. 

He charges with lariats to Matt, following up with a big boot as he takes out Brandon Cutler and Kenny Omega only to run into a boot from Nick Jackson. However, Silver turns it around, lifting Nick in the air as Reynolds flies out of the ring to attack him, which leads to the Spin Doctor being hit, with Omega breaking up the pinfall. Silver lights up Omega with a series of strikes, but Omega then reverses to hit a Dragon Suplex.

The Dark Order then all charge into the corner on Omega, hitting a series of moves that leads to a very close fall! The Young Bucks then hit superkicks while Omega connects with a V Trigger, and he then hits his classic dive out of the ring to take everyone down. Matt tries to send Reynolds into their corner but he reverses and The Elite accidentally kick their man in the face. 

Once again Omega and Page square off, but they're not legal and the referee puts a stop to it, so they drag their partners and tag in and start throwing hands immediately. Omega comes out on top to hit the Tiger Driver, put it's not enough. They then get to the top turnbuckle with Page sending Omega flying, but once again it's not enough, and he follows it with the Buckshot Lariat to the back of the head. 

He wants another but Matt Jackson pulls him, and when he gets back in, Nick Jackson hits the move himself, following it with their superkick but Reynolds breaks it up. Silver then nails Omega in the face, while Reynolds stops the Bucks, which gets him a close fall. Silver looks for the discus clothesline but Omega reverses, only for Silver to roll up Omega and almost win the entire thing!

Silver then sets up Omega for a Buckshot Lariat, but as he looks to hit that Omega moves. Page takes out his man and Omega rolls him up to become the first ever champions. 

Winners (and first-ever champions) The Elite

Jade Cargill (c) vs. Athena - TBS Championship Match

Jade Cargill is channeling her inner She-Hulk here, but Athena is the one who starts out on top, dominating the match as she hits the O-Face, but the champion kicks out! She then gets distracted by the Baddies, and that allows Cargill to get some shots in, including a Spear when Athena returns to the ring. 

The champion then throws hands and catches her challenges before throwing her across the ring, but after they criss-cross, Athena springboards into a cross body which gets her another near fall. Athena attempts the O-Face again but this time it doesn't connect, with Cargill looking for Jaded, but that's something that Athena is able to avoid as well. 

Kiera Hogan eats a pump kick on the outside, but as Athena then attempts to hit another springboard move, she is simply pump kicked in the face in mid-air by the champion. Cargill then picks up Athena and drops her with Jaded in order to retain her TBS Championship.

Winner: Jade Cargill

Backstage Alex Marvez shows CM Punk arriving with Ace Steel earlier on today. He asks if Punk is 100% healthy, and he says he's never been 100% walking into a fight, and he knows Jon Moxley has an easy target. He claims that Moxley isn't just fighting him, he's fighting Chicago, and he name-drops a coffee shop and a local teacher, claiming Moxley won't beat him a second time.

FTR & Wardlow vs. Motor City Machine Guns & Jay Lethal

Before the match Sonjay Dutt puts on a t-shirt mocking Dax Harwood's daughter, calling her an eight-year-old brat, but when FTR make their entrance she is with him which gets a huge pop. The match begins with Jay Lethal spitting on Wardlow, and despite him trying to set the Figure Four in, the TNT Champion powers him up to try hit a Powerbomb, but Lethal is able to scamper away and tag in Chris Sabin. 

Dax Harwood comes in as well, only to be sent across the ring with arm drag, with the two men then slapping each other as Harwood manages to hit a shoulder tackle and then several jabs and a lariat. Motor City Machine Guns are able to turn things around with some tag team work though, as they then split Harwood's legs by pulling them apart, but he fights back against Alex Shelley with a huge chop and a back body drop as Cash Wheeler comes in. 

Wardlow manages to take down both of the Impact stars as Harwood looks for a submission, only for their opponents to distract the referee allowing some tandem offense to attack Harwood. MCMG continue to stay in control as Lethal then comes in and begins exchanging chops with Harwood, he then avoids friendly fire from MCMG and that allows him to tag Wheeler who nails a big knee to Shelley. 

The heels turn things around by using the numbers game, and Wheeler gets isolated in the corner as they lock up his legs around the ropes to attack him. Lethal then sets in the Figure Four, but when Sabin comes back in Wheeler drops him down to his knee, which ends up hurting both of them. Wardlow tags in and drops all three men, hitting the F10 to Lethal who then kicks out of the pinfall. 

MCMG pull FTR off the apron and then hit thrust kicks, and with the official distracted Satnam Singh gets a shot in on Wardlow, who is then hit by double kicks from MCMG as Sabin then launches himself out of the ring to take out FTR. They then hold Wardlow, allowing Lethal to hit an Elbow Drop, but the champion is able to kick out as FTR then returns to try even the numbers. 

Shelley is dropped with a Big Rig, but they then get taken down with a double Lethal Injection only for Wardlow to headbutt him and then connect with a huge lariat. He follows that with a Powerbomb 

Winners: Wardlow & FTR

After the match the heels try to outnumber them, but Samoa Joe returns to level things up! Sonjay gets thrown into the ring and Dax's daughter comes down and breaks his pencil, with Harwood then nailing him with a right hand. She then pins Dutt with the group celebrating together.

Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Ricky Starks immediately hits the ring and starts throwing hands at Powerhouse Hobbs, but he quickly puts a stop to things by running in and squashing him on the ropes. Hobbs then shoves him into the middle rope, and he then launches Starks into the ring pose and the guard rail. Hobbs continues to focus on the neck, slamming him down to the mat with that area taking all the impact. 

He misses with a lariat though and that allows Starks to throw some hands and then a back elbow in the corner and a great DDT, but Hobbs is able to kick out of the pinfall attempt. Starks ends up hitting the ropes, running into a huge Spinebuster, and just like that this one is over. 

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

A clip is then shown from "AEW Rampage" on Friday night with The Acclaimed and Swerve In Our Glory backstage as the challengers make it clear that they will be leaving as champions. Keith Lee claims it's time for the jokes to end, and Swerve then claims it takes more than that for them to step up against them at this PPV. 

Swerve In Our Glory (c) vs. The Acclaimed (AEW Tag Team Championship Match)

We kickstart with the usual rap as Max Caster takes a shot at Keith Lee by calling him Lizzo. It's Anthony Bowens and Swerve Strickland that start this one, while the fans are going crazy for Daddy Ass outside the ring. Both men make a tag and Caster showcases his speed with some quick shots and then a dropkick, following up with a hurricanrana to send the champion flying. 

The Acclaimed then nail tandem dropkicks to both men as they then scissor to the pop of the crowd. Lee then starts connecting with some clubbing blows before he charges from behind and takes out Caster with Strickland coming in with a diving uppercut and he then mocks the scissor deal. Lee comes back and hits his huge chop to him, but Caster is able to tag in, as does Strickland. 

They go back and forth with Bowens connecting with an elbow strike and then a suplex which gets a near fall. Bowens then tries to dive from the second rope but he slips and hurts his knee. He recovers enough to land the knee lift, but that hurts his knee again as well, and Strickland then throws him out, with the knee once again taking a bump on the landing as Strickland then dives out of the ring to dropkick the injured area. 

The champions continue focusing on the injury, hitting a knee breaker as Lee comes in and drops himself down onto the injury with a splash. Bowens tries to fire himself up and he comes over the top turnbuckle with a neck breaker as Caster then tags in and launches himself out of the ring to Swerve. He follows with a diving crossbody to Lee, but he can only get a near fall. 

Caster attempts to lift the big man, but that doesn't work, however he is able to avoid the charge as Lee ends up hitting his partner instead, and The Acclaimed then work together with Bowens hitting a knee strike. He tags back in but yet again the knee isn't able to sustain it, and Lee swipes at the knee with a huge kick as he then goes to the top rope. Caster jumps up to meet him there and so does Bowens and they hit a double brainbuster. However, as they land, Strickland comes straight in with a stomp from the top rope, which gets a near fall. 

Swerve then puts all his focus on the knee, locking in a submission while he stomps on his head, however Caster saves the day with a springboard dropkick. Caster eats a kick to the side of the head from Swerve, but he is able to kick out again as Bowens then pulls Strickland, holding him from the ring apron as Caster dives down with the Mic Drop. Lee then gets involved, but Billy Gunn steps up onto the apron to go face to face with him, the distraction allows Caster to hit a dropkick and he then lifts him up onto his shoulders and drops Lee down to a huge ovation. 

Bowens drops Strickland which leads into the Mic Drop, but Lee breaks it up right at the last. Strickland then hits a Death Valley Driver on Bowens on the apron, as Lee tags in as Bownes begins chopping them both. However, Swerve accidentally kicks his partner, but the following roll up doesn't get the job done. Bowens ends up on Lee's shoulders as Swerve drops in with the assist for the champions to retain. 

Winners (and still champions): Swerve In Our Glory 

Hikaru Shida vs. Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Britt Baker (Interim Women's World Championship Match)

Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida start out confidently, with Storm battling Jamie Hayter until Britt Baker tries to pull her out of the ring, which allows Shida to attack. A series of pinfall attempts take place, but they keep getting broken up by other attempts until Hayet locks in a single crab, but Storm breaks it up by locking in a submission of her own on Hayer until Baker superkicks her in the face. 

Hayter nails huge elbow strikes to the two babyfaces, and she then attacks both of their backs, following it up with a double suplex. Storm turns things around with a tope suicida, but she has no time to celebrate as Baker hits a slingblade, with Shida then being on hand to attack D.M.D. Shida and Storm then end up in the ring together and they then take each other down with shoulder tackles as they then go back and forth with strikes. 

Rebel runs in and tries to get involved but she eats double headbutts as Baker and Hayter attack them from behind. The two of them work together against Shida, using the kendo stick as Britt then stomps her on the ramp, which leads to the medical team checking on her. Meanwhile, in the ring, Hayter uses her tape to choke Storm as they then work together against her. 

Shida then returns, this time with two kendo sticks as she starts unloading on both women inside the ring, throwing Baker into Hayter as they then both get punched in the face. A series of kicks then take place from everyone involved, and it leads to everyone being down in the ring. Hayter and Shida then go back and forth with Shida coming out on top with a Falcon Arrow, but Shida breaks up the pinfall by hitting a German suplex. 

Hayter connects with a Tombstone Piledriver to Toni, but Baker breaks the pinfall attempt, although she then hits the Stomp onto Shida, who manages to kick out just in time! Hayter then hits the lariat and seemingly has the match won, but Baker pulls the official out of the ring to stop it! Storm then hits a piledriver to Hayter, but Baker throws her out and then looks to pin her friend, only for Hayter to kick out. Storm then appears again to DDT both of them, and that's enough to become the champion. 

Winner (and new champion): Toni Storm

Christian Cage vs. Jungle Boy

Christian Cage comes out and starts talking trash to Jungle Boy's mom at ringside, and she slaps him. Jungle Boy then appears and he looks back as if Luchasaurus is going to return, but he appears from the heel tunnel and Chokeslams him onto the steel instead, turning on him again. Luchasaurus then carries him to ringside and puts Jungle Boy through the table in front of his family, which leads to him being checked on by Aubrey Edwards.

Despite being attacked Jungle Boy agrees to wrestle, but he is immediately dropped with a Spear, however, he manages to kick out! Cage instantly gets back on the attack, hitting a Killswitch and this time there is no kicking out. After the match, Cage and Luchasaurus celebrate together to showcase that they are officially back together as a duo.

Winner: Christian Cage

Alex is backstage with Orange Cassidy and PAC, and it has been made official that it will be Death Triangle vs. Best Friends on "AEW Dynamite." PAC says Orange is a little doggy barking up the wrong tree, with Danhausen then celebrating with them. 

Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho connects with an arm drag to start things as Daniel Garcia is shown backstage watching the match. Bryan Danielson then stomps away on Jericho which frustrates him, and the two then go back and forth with some big chops that Bryan just brushes off. He then takes control again by working the leg of the Lionheart, showcasing his technical skills early on. 

Jericho once again starts throwing chops to Danielson which he follows up with a forearm, and he then just slaps Bryan repeatedly, who then sits in a yoga pose which leads to Jericho dropkicking him. Bryan immediately explodes up, but Jericho drops him again with a clothesline and then a springboard dropkick which sends Danielson out of the ring, but when he tries to leap out of the ring, Danielson catches him in mid-air with a kick.

Back inside he looks for a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle, but Jericho counters it into the Walls Of Jericho which are locked in tight. He breaks out and sends Jericho out of the ring which leads to him diving through the ropes as Danielson then unloads a bunch more chops.  They get back to the ring and Danielson looks for a diving headbutt but Jericho rolls away and then looks for the Lionsault, but Danielson reverses and then looks for his finish, but Jericho pushes himself out of that as well. 

Jericho then counters a potential Tombstone Piledriver with one of his own, following up with a Lionsault again, this time connecting! Danielson smartly avoids the Judas Effect with some strikes of his own, and then it is time to stomp down once more. The LeBell Lock is then set in, but he is able to get out of that with a rope break, only for him to put in the Triangle Choke instead. 

The two men then go shot for shot with strikes and chops, and while Danielson gets plenty of kicks in, Jericho locks in the Liontamer, putting plenty of pressure on until Bryan grabs the ropes. Jericho then drops the hammer elbows, which are similar to what Bryan does, and then out of nowhere he nails the Psycho Knee, and while that's not enough he then locks in the Cattle Mutilation. 

Danielson then just unleashes a series of kicks to the back of Jericho, with the official having to pull him away, which leads to a roll-up. Bryan kicks out and then hits a rolling elbow strike which leads to more elbow shots. Jericho then takes advantage of the referee being blinded as he hits a low blow and then a Judas Effect.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match the rest of JAS appear to celebrate with him, but it's worth noting that Garcia is not with them.

House Of Black vs. Sting, Darby Allin, & Miro

Malakai Black and Miro waste no time going back and forth here, with the House Of Black star using his quick strikes to dominate until Buddy Matthews tags in, as he gets launched across the ring and then splashed. Darby Allin wants to tag in, but Miro thinks differently as he plants Matthews. Darby then does come in and he picks up the pace until he aims for a Code Red and just gets a kick to his face instead from Black. 

Brody King then gets involved and shows his power, setting Allin on the top rope and then chopping him to the floor. Matthews returns and connects with a major knee strike and then a cheap shot to Sting on the apron, but Miro gets tagged in, yet the official didn't see it due to a Julia Hart distraction. Sting does get a tag though and he picks up the pace, hitting his splashes in the corner to Matthews and King.

King tries to choke Sting but Sting drops him on the top rope, and he then throws Matthews at Black, telling him to tag in. He obliges and they go back and forth with strikes as Black ends up bust open, and he sets in the Scorpion Deathlock. While that happens the rest of HOB take shots at him but he fires back each time until Black reverses and puts in a knee bar, but Miro drags him off by his hair to split it. 

Sting is able to hit a Scorpion Death Drop onto King, with Allin hitting the Coffin Drop but that gets broken up as Miro then sends Matthews out of the ring and Brody flying with a thrust kick. Miro charges around to Matthews again, but he reverses it and sends Miro into the steel steps instead. Sting ends up inside the ring with Black who is setting up for the finish, but instead Sting sprays mist in his face which allows Allin to hit the Last Supper for the victory. 

Winners: Darby Allin, Sting, & Miro

Daniel Garcia is shown backstage with Chris Jericho, and he asks why he wasn't out there celebrating with him. Garcia says he told him last week he didn't need to cheat, and he says he was disappointed. Jericho tells Garcia that next week he has the biggest match of his career and JAS isn't going to be there to support him.

Jon Moxley (c) vs. CM Punk (AEW World Championship Match)

CM Punk puts his leg out at first, but Jon Moxley responds by flipping him off and mocking his sitting down pose inside the ring. The two men then get into things with Punk connecting with some knee strikes and then chops, but Moxley responds with a series of forearm shots, only for Punk to hit the roundhouse kick and then several knee strikes and a lariat. The challenger then nails his hammer and anvil elbows and then the GTS, but Moxley kicks out! 

The two men then get straight back to brawling, heading into the fans as they fight around the arena. Punk sets up Moxley for a GTS again outside the ring, but he gets out and sends him into the ring post instead, which busts Punk open. Moxley sees that and then goes and targets the area even more, opting to lick Punk's blood after. Despite that, Punk fights back with a knee strike in the ring, but the bulldog is blocked as Moxley grabs the injured leg and starts focusing on it.

Moxley drives Punk down to the mat with a piledriver, but it's not enough to get the job done here. Punk fires back with a boot to the face and then launches the champion into the ring post. Punk then stomps down repeatedly on the face of Moxley before locking in the Anaconda Vice in the middle of the ring, but the champion breaks out and then hits his own stomps although he then misses with a lariat only to eat a dropkick instead. 

Punk slams Mox to the mat and he looks for the Elbow Drop but Moxley catches him and get the Bulldog Choke in place, then gets transitioned into an Ankle Lock but Punk is able to reach the ropes. Moxley gives him no room to breathe, hitting a German suplex, but Punk then pops up to hit a roundhouse kick, and Moxley comes back with a lariat. The two men then go back and forth with jabs, kicks and forearm strikes until Punk hits a neck breaker. 

Punk goes for the GTS but Moxley blocks it and then kicks his leg, following up with the Death Rider, but Punk kicks out! Punk then hits a GTS, but as Moxley falls back he lands on Punk's back, so he opts to get up and hit the move again! 

Winner (and New AEW World Champion): CM Punk 

As the celebrations are taking place the lights cut out, and you hear the voice of Tony Khan on a voice call giving someone an offer, saying he would put him in the casino ladder match as their absence is hurting the fans. We then see the Joker from earlier tonight, and it is MJF! He says he is the devil himself, his old music hits and MJF makes his way out! He makes it clear he wants the title, and despite the fans cheering for him, he flips them all off and the show comes to an end.