WWE Hall Of Famer Says Vince McMahon Enjoyed Firing Him

Vince McMahon may no longer be the chief executive at WWE, but Hall of Fame commentator Jim Ross has nothing but praise for his corporate reign.

Ross was queried on McMahon's impact on wrestling during his Sept. 3 appearance on the live-streamed "Money for Mongo" fundraiser on behalf of Steve "Mongo" McMichael, a member of the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX team and a former WCW star who is battling ALS.

"He will never be replaced," Ross said of McMahon, who retired as WWE Chariman and CEO in July amid an ongoing investigation into allegations of him paying millions of dollars in hush money to cover up alleged infidelity and misconduct with multiple women. "He will always be at the top of the mountain. Look what he built. And he built it from s**t, those little arenas, smoky ... and having to deal with commissions and all that stuff. He's an amazing human being."

Ross also acknowledged his unique employment history with McMahon.

"He's fired me three or four times," he continued. "I don't give a s**t. When he found out I didn't give a s**t, it made it more fun for him and he just kept firing me. But here's the good news: He hired me back. He never hired me back for less money than I was making before I exited. So, he's always been fair to me that respect."

Ross noted that he never "agreed philosophically on how to present pro wrestling" with McMahon, defining himself as being "a pro wrestling guy, not a sports entertainment guy." Ross then facetiously explained his last remark in the context of clickbait.

"I didn't know what that really means," he said. "I just said it for the hell of it, so as to make a click. It's really important to get clicks these days. It's essential to your livelihood and your life."