Ronda Rousey Addresses Possible WWE Pairing With Paul Heyman

Multiple-time WWE Women's Champion Ronda Rousey may approach her wrestling career in fits and starts, but her status as an avid gamer has been a constant. The rowdy one's penchant for Pokémon and passion for role-playing franchises has been well-documented over the years, right alongside her journey from UFC Bantamweight champ to WWE Superstar. Unsurprisingly, her Facebook Gaming channel – whose signature broadcast is dubbed, naturally, "The Baddest Stream on the Planet" – has developed a massive following, in part because Rousey indulges real-time Q&As with members. And more often than not, those inquiring minds have wrestling-related matters on the brain. 


To wit, about a quarter of the way into last week's edition of "Baddest Stream" (replays are viewable to the public via YouTube 48 hours after going live on Facebook), a user with the simple alias "Roman Reigns" asked "What do you think of Roman Reigns" into the chat. Her response was straightforward: "I think he's great." But she also added, "I'm very jealous he has Paul Heyman as his advocate."

A few minutes later, another user piped in, "Would you let Paul Heyman be on your side of the ring with you?" And again, Rousey was to the point, saying, "Definitely, without a doubt, without hesitation."

Heyman has spent most of the 2020s thus far as Roman Reigns' onscreen "special counsel," but he's also been conspicuously absent from WWE TV for several months. Far be it for us to suggest he'd re-emerge as Rousey's renegade mouthpiece, but anything is possible in the post-Vince McMahon creative reboot.