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Over the weekend, VH-1 played a reunion special featuring the most recent cast of their “Surreal Life’ reality series, including former WWF Intercontinental and Women’s champion Joanie Laurer. During the special, Laurer, who looked to be cleaned up in a major way as compared to her appearances on The Howard Stern Show to promote “Life”, noted that she is in a better place and doesn’t maintain contact with former boyfriend Sean Waltman.

It was noted that Waltman claimed he was shown in a bad light on the show through editing (he made the claims via statements on his official website), which led to never before seen footage from the episode of the series where Waltman shows up and is tricked into leaving the house while the other housemates intervene and prevent Laurer from leaving with him. In the footage, Waltman is being spoken to by Surreal Life producers, who ask him to leave after he’s stayed well beyond his welcome for several hours. Waltman goes off, unleashing a string of curses.

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