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Dark Match

Harry Smith beat Teddy Hart
Ted Hart was the heel, people didn’t seem to know who he was or else I doubt the crowd would’ve been so quick to boo him. Harry one with a sit out powerbomb. There were chants of Bulldog.

Jericho beat Simon Dean (might’ve been a dark match, maybe was for Heat) Jericho was crazy over. Maybe the most over of the night. Crowd
popped for everything. Inexplicable constant outburts of “Y2J, Y2J”. Jericho was quick to eat up the crowd reaction. Spent a lot of time hitting his chest and pointing to the crowd.


Tomko beat Weasel Star Crap. Was barely two minutes long and still got a boring chant

Regal beat Sin (Or it could’ve been Syn or Sid, but I heard people saying “Sin from OVW”) Slow match. Typical regal offense. He won with a running knee lift. Heh.

Lance Storm beat Maven An alright match. Lots of love for Lance Storm. Though I seriously think a fair number of Calgarians don’t understand that’s he from Calgary. He won with a top rope crossbody block. Lots of bowing and posing after the match. He seemed to leave a happy man.

During the Benjamin v. Grenier v. Conway match the crowd had a goodold fashioned “Seperate. Seperate.” chants. If people were wondering
what that was about, Calgary is full of a bunch of backwards podunk oil-rich hicks that don’t like anything in Canada but themselves. Half a Quebec wants to seperate from Canada, and our wonderful Texan-Canadians otherswise known as Calgarians were encouraging them to do so. God I hate where I live.

Before the Highlight Reel segment, Jericho cut a heel promo backstage saying that his reception earlier was not good enough for a star of
his stature and that he deserved better. He even said insipidly that Lance Storm got a better reception. His promo didn’t work. The second it was done the Saddledome was full of Y2J chants.

During HHH’s interview from Stamford, the crowd completely tuned out. Some guy was getting kicked out the arena and everyone seemed to care more about chanting “na na na na… hey hey goodbye” then listening to what he had to say. In fact I’d bet that 5% of the people attending could even tell you what he was talking about.

For the last month and all during the week the WWE had been advertising a Batista v. HHH & Ric Flair handicap match. They didn’t do it. Not even a dark match. Most of the crowd hung around until the bitter end hoping to see it, but they never showed.

The highlight of show for me, HANDS DOWN, was Christian. Though I felt a little akward booing the “Mexicans”… They need to get him to Smackdown and elevate him one way or another. Christian electrified the crowd tonight with his little speech. He even got most of the crowd to boo Cena.

Benoit, Christian, Jericho, Storm all got huge responses. Benoit got a big one during the commericial break after that awful Invasion of the WWE jobbers angle that saw Benoit go through a table.

The Diva’s getting their asses kicked by a wrestler was well recieved too.

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