Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, May 30th, 2005
Location: The Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Results by PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

A small ceremony is given at the beginning of the show for the United states armed forces. Vince McMahon himself talks about how because of their sacrafices, we as a people can live freely and we should never take for granted our freedoms as a country.

Jim Ross welcomes us live as Jerry is in the ring. He says today officially starts the first day of summer and what better way to start the summer than to have a Diva swimsuit competition! He welcomes Christy Hemme who comes out to a huge pop. He then brings out Candice Michelle who gets no reaction at all. Maria is next to the ring and she is all smiles as the crowd cheers her on a bit. Victoria is next and she gets a decent reaction from the crowd. Jerry Lawler then says that competing in her first swimsuit competition is Lilian Garcia! Lilian comes down to the ring to a decent pop as the King starts to get excited. He says the rules are very simple. The King says he gets to pick the winner after all the girls strut their stuff. King says Lilian has been with the company for six years and King has been waiting six years to say this “drop that towel!” Lilian goes to drop the towel but the music of Viscera hits and he makes his way to the ring as the King comments and says he should check out all these beauties. King says he can help him judge the competition. Viscera says there’s nothing in the world he’d rather do, but that’s not why he is out here. He said he was in the back watching and the thought of her made him all hot. What he wants, he gets and he’s got to have it! He picks Lilian up in his arms and he takes her away!

King says they have one less contestant but that is no reason to stop the show. Victoria is first, wearing black, the crowd barely pops as it looks like she could kick MY ass. Maria is wearing spotted leopard stuff. King comments, etc. You know the drill. Candice looks good. Christy gets the biggest pop, if there really was one. She ropes the King with her towel. King says he needs to catch his breath for a moment and says he needs one more look, he goes behind them and looks at their ass. He then picks Christy Hemme as the crowd chants for Stacy. Victoria gets off the apron looking upset as the other girls celebrate. Victoria comes back in the ring and snaps! She kicks Christy in the gut, kicks Candice through the ropes and then kicks Maria right in the side of the head. She kicks Christy in the boob and then pounces on her to slap and punch the crap out of her. King asks her what she is going and she kicks him square in the nuts. Victoria then drops Christy with the Widow’s Peak as she leaves the ring.

Victoria Speaks:

Todd asks her about the whole incident and she says she is sick of it and sick of her! She gets the Diva Search, Playboy, and WrestleMania 21! It should have been her and she hates Christy!

Tag Team Title Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Hurricane and Rosey (c) vs. The Heart Throbs

Rosey and the Hurricane make their way to the ring with Stacy Keibler to face the tag team champions as the King returns to the table!

The start:

Rosey helps Stacy out of the ring but he gets attacked early. They both for the Hurricane and Hurricane kicks Romeo in the chest and then tosses him out of the ring. Antonio is in the ring as Hurricane gives him an elbow and climbs the top. Both Heart Throbs grab him and then one knocks him off the apron into the security rail. Antonio gives Hurricane a neckbreaker for a two count before tagging in Romeo who works on the Hurricane’s head and neck before bringing him to the corner for another tag. They dance in front of Rosey and the referee gets distracted and both men take Hurricane down and work him in the corner.

Mid Match Notes:

Romeo works on the Hurricane with fists to the head as Hurricane staggers. Hurricane fights back out of the corner but Romeo controls and gets the tag. They whip Hurricane to the corner and he jumps above Antonio who hits the post, he then gives Romeo the blockbuster neckbreaker. He tags Rosey who works both men over and then squashes one in the corner as the other one moves. Antonio thinks he got out of the way but Rosey drops him with a huge body slam.

The Finish:

Hurricane gives himself a blind tag as Rosey sits on the top rope. Hurricane climbs the back of Rosey and stands on his shoulders and he comes off the top rope with a huge splash on top of Antonio! He makes the cover and gets the pin!

Winners and STILL Tag Champions: Rosey and The Hurricane

Batista is shown arriving at the arena and he does not look happy at all.

Highlights are shown of last week’s ending and then we cut to Batista talking to Bischoff and he says to tell HHH that hell in a cell, he accepts. Bischoff says HHH is not even here this week though. Batista says he wants HHH here next week to sign the contract in writing. Muhammed Hassan and Daivari come in and Hassan talks about what’s wrong with HHH getting a title shot when he lost twice! Hassan says he has never lost and he deserves it. Batista gets in his face and says “Eric, since HHH isn’t hre tonight, I want to take out my frustrations on Muhammed Hassan.” Eric books the match and then Daivari speaks in tongue to Batista who slaps him in the face. Hassan picks Daivari up and the two men walk out.

Intercontinental Title Match (Triple Threat)
Referee: Jack Doan
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Sylvan Grenier vs. Rob Conway

The music of Shelton Benjamin hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the Intercontinental Champion for this Triple Threat Match against La Resistance members Robert Conway and Sylvan Grenier.

The start:

Conway and Grenier went after Benjamin but he came back with right hands. La Resistance got the advantage but Benjamin came back with a Samoan Drop on Grenier. Conway took over with a clothesline and then stomped Benjamin. Grenier then got in on the act, and the La Resistance member starting pushing each other out of the way. Conway sent Benjamin to the corner, and then Grenier did the same. Conway sent him head first to the buckle again, and then Grenier followed suit yet again.

Mid Match Notes:

Conway hit a hard right hand, and then Grenier went for one, but Benjamin blocked and unloaded with right hands on both men. Benjamin sent Grenier to the outside and then hit a back body drop on Conway. Benjamin went for a splash in the corner but met an elbow. Benjamin came back with a modified back breaker for two. La Resistance hit the Hart Attack on Benjamin and made the cover but Grenier pulled Conway off. Grenier then rolled up Conway for two, and nailed him with a right hand. Grenier nailed some more right hands but Conway then clotheslined him to the outside.

The Finish:

Benjamin clotheslined Conway out, and both La Resistance members are down. Benjamin hit a dropkick through the ropes on both men and then tossed Conway back inside. Benjamin went up top but Grenier pulled on his leg. Benjamin kicked him off and hit a flying clothesline on Conway and covered but Grenier broke it at two. Grenier hit a side slam for two when Conway broke the fall. Conway chopped at the chest of Grenier and then the two traded right hands. Conway scored with a neckbreaker and covered but Grenier kicked out. The two traded right hands again and Conway hit some shoulder thrusts in the corner. Grenier sent Conway hard to the corner and then Benjamin hit the Stinger Splash. Benjamin hit the Dragon Whip on Grenier and then hit the T-Bone for the win!

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin

The Highlight Reel:

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring to host tonight’s edition of the Highlight Reel. Jericho says he almost didn’t make it on time again today because of an autograph signing, the line was out the door! He says he feels bad for the kids who didn’t get one, but the parents should get there earlier because he is a hot commodity.

He said that next week is the very first night of the month long draft, and because he is the Highlight of the Night, he is going to interview the very first pick coming from Smackdown to RAW. He said he will make history by interviewing them next week on the Reel. This week, he has two very special guests. One is a monster, some would say this person has no soul or remorse, but he’ll get to Lita in a second. He then introduces Kane to the arena.

Jericho said he isn’t taking any satisfaction in what happened to him, but how did it feel to find out that Lita was cheating on him with Edge? Jericho said he doesn’t know how Kane would feel, but how did this happen? Kane didn’t respond. Jericho asked if Lita gave any indication that this would happen? Is this a case of your equipment malfunctioning? Have you been suffering from some premature pyro? Kane still didn’t respond. Jericho said he’ll buy Kane a box of kleenex and a box of Haage-Daaz and he can go home and have a really good cry! Kane stared at Jericho, and he told him to calm down. Edge appeared on the Tron, and said that he doesn’t seem to be answering Jericho’s questions. He asked how it felt to be speared by him, and how it feels to know he was spearing his wife for two months?

Edge said he doesn’t feel bad for what he did. When Lita was calling her sister, she was really calling him. He said Lita needed a real man, Kane should be happy for them. Edge said Lita will not be going out there tonight, but she will talk from here. Lita came onto the screen and said that she has an announcement. She said she has officially filed for divorce, and she will no longer have to deal with his sweaty body, and his stupid laugh. Lita said he was like a fourth grader in the bedroom, and she won’t have to deal with that. She then took off her ring, and went into a toilet cubicle. She pretended to be upset and then laughed and tossed it down the toilet and flushed it away. Lita and Edge then made out and Kane did not look happy at all. Kane stood in the ring a dejected man as we went to commercial.

When we come back from commercial break Eric Bischoff comes to the ramp and says last week he claimed a crucade on ECW and when the pay per view happens he will put an end to it once and for all. He says he is glad he is not alone because Kurt Angle is gathering his own troops to put an end to ECW. Bischoff says if he hates ECW so much why would he approve a table match tonight on Raw? He says it is because he can prove that Raw can out ECW ECW any night of the week. Benoit wants to be a part of it? Well let Eric introduce us to one of his general’s in the war against ECW; Edge!

Table Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Chris Benoit vs. Edge

The start:

The crowd roars for Benoit off the start of the match. The two men lock up and Edge backs Benoit into a corner. Benoit reverses and knees the gut of Edge before popping him in the chin with right hands. Chops follows as the crowd woos. Benoit whips Edge off the ropes and clubs Edge in the face with a forearm. Edge fights his way back up with forearms before slamming Benoit’s head off the buckle. Benoit fights back with right hands and he chops edge down in the corner. He works on the back of Edge with his knee sending Edge outside the ring in the process.

Mid match notes:

Benoit tosses Edge back in the ring, he kicks him in the gut and hits him with a snap suplex. Bischoff is making funny comments about Canadians as Benoit chops away on Edge yet again in the corner. Benoit whips Edge to the corner but Edge reverses and then follows with an elbow to Benoit’s lower back. Edge goes under the ring and he gets the first table of the match but as he is pulling it out from under the ring Benoit dives through the ropes with a suicide dive! Both men are down as WWE go to a commercial break!

When we come back Edge is in control as Edge stomps away on Chris Benoit in the middle of the ring. The crowd is absolutely nuts right now. Benoit turns the tides and hammers away on Edge with rights and lefts. Edge reverses it again and pounds on Benoit. Edge misses a dropkick and Benoit goes for the sharpshooter, but Edge kicks him off. Edge works on Benoit as he spears him in the gut while Benoit is in the corner. Edge goes outside the ring and he gets back to the table but as he is ready to throw it into the ring Benoit baseball slides right into it sending Edge flying. Benoit tries to set up the table outside the ring as Edge tries to get away but Benoit pulls his legs into the ropes crotch first! It’s all legal. This buys Benoit time to set up the table but he is having trouble with it. Benoit climbs on the apron and he goes to suplex Edge off the apron onto the table but Edge holds ground. Edge tries to bodyslam Benoit but Benoit gets in the ring. edge tries to suplex him after Benoit clubs him but Benoit seuplexes Edge back into the ring. Edge finds himself on the apron again and Benoit runs at him but Edge gets a forearm up and Benoit is down. Edge climbs the top rope but Benoit knowck him right off onto the apron. Benoit gives him another baseball slide, this one to the back, sending Edge to the mat.

Benoit grabs yet another table and he tosses this one in the ring. Edge looks outcold on the mat as Benoit sets the table up in the ring. Edge gets to the apron and Benoit meets him there with boots. Benoit and Edge ascend the top rope and Benoit goes for the superplex through the table but Lita moves the table! She tosses Edge the briefcase but Benoit nails Edge with 3 consecutive german suplexes!

The Finish:

Benoit sets up the table and he picks Edge up and gives him another german suplex. Benoit puts Edge on the table and he headbutts him several times. Benoit then climbs the top rope! Lita shoves him off the top rope though and Bishoff says he has business to take care of. Maven and Tomko comes to the ring and they assault Benoit but Benoit fights back. Bischoff motions for more and Gene Snitsky hits the ring and he knocks Benoit clean out with a boot to the face. The men surround the fallen Benoit. Edge picks him up and powerslams him right through the table to win the match.

Winner: Edge

Bischoff gets on the mic and says this is just a small sample of what his crusade will do at the pay per view!

HHH speaks:

HHH speaks live from WWE studios. Jim Ross tells him that he lost to Batista and in the gold rush tournament. HHH tells him to shut up because he only wants to speak to Batista. He asks if Batista thought he was just going to go away? This is his world, his theatre, and HHH is just letting him have his part and now, Batista is a victim. He said he beat him and made him taste his own blood. When you beat an animal it either becomes more violent, or it becomes submissive. He says last week Batista looked scared. That was the first step. The final step is hell in a cell. HHH talks up how brutal a hell in a cell match is. He tells Batista to ask around, ask Kevin Nash, ask Mick Foley. He says people will tell Batista that this match will shorten his career and life, and it will most the most brutal experience. They are right. They will say to fear the cell. HHH says not to fear the cell, but to fear him. HHH says he has gone to hell and back, and he liked it. Batista is going to go face to face with devil himself. They will go to hell but only one of them will come back and it will be him with the world heavyweight championship…

MasterLock Challenge:

Masters says he has $10,000, American, because Canadian money isn’t worth jack these days. He says not one person he has pulled from the crowd has put up a fight. He opens the challenge to the locker room instead! Who’s it going to be? For 10 grand? The music of Val Venis hits and he comes out towel and all. Masters says that he is a huge fan of Venis and his roomate in college has all of his movies and that is why it will be such an honor to make him pass out to the master lock. Val gets on the mic and says that he asked someone to step up and as the ladies know he always gives very “stiff” competition. Venis takes his seat and Masters kicks him in the back of the head. Masters then knees him in the face a few times. He then slaps on the master lock but Venis almost gets out! Venis uses the ropes to launch himself but Masters holds on to the lock! He turns Val over and puts Val out. Another “big” win for Chris Masters.

Christian speaks..

Christian gets on the mic at the top of the apron as his peeps go wild. He says that this is a response a superstar like him should get. He talks about the draft lottery next week but the fans chant his name before he could. He said he’s looked over the Smackdown roster and it seems to him that they are missing something. They;ve got Americans (boo) Mexicans (boo) Japanese (boo) they’ve got a giant (boo) a st-st-st-utterer (boo) a rapping hip hop poser champion (boo). Christian said Cena couldn;t get him to quit even if he forced him to listen to the crappy CD he made! What they do not have is a Canadian! (cheers) A Canadian that will kick the holy living hell out of anyone on Smackdown. Next week he will either stay here or go to Smackdown where they will get the three C’s. Charisma, Canada, and Christian!

Non Title Match
Referee: Mike Chioda
Muhammed Hassan vs. Batista (c)

The start:

Hassan tries to gain an early advantage but to no avail. Batista clobbers him in the corner with knees to the gut. Batista sends Hassan down with a shoulder block and Hassan regroups after sliding out of the ring. Batista comes outside the ring and he clocks Diavari with a clothesline. He heads back into the ring and Hassan drops him right on his head with a DDT. He sets Batista up on the apron and he gives him a clean shot right to the side of the head with the boot.

Mid Match Notes:

Hassan chokes Batista with the ropes using his knees. He gives Batista a neckbreaker and covers for a two count. Hassan then places Batista in the cobra clutch as Batista looks like he sin’t all here. Batista uses a one arm snapmare to get himself out and he sends Hassan down with a viscious clothesline. Batista powers Hassan into the corner where he buries the shoulder a few times. Batista whips Hassan but Hassan kicks him in the chest. He comes off the ropes but Batista gives him a spinebuster. Daivari gets on the top rope but Batista throws him off the top rope. Batista goes back and forth clotheslining both men. He knees Daivari in the head several times and then gives him a spinebuster. He goes back and forth crushing both men. Daivari is busted open. Batista grabs his belt that Daivari brought in, the ref tells him to put it down.

The Finish:

Batista clobbers the living HELL out of Hassan in the corner. He is snapping and it is very clear. He chokes Hassan with the knee in the corner and the referee counts but Batista does not let go. The referee has to call for the bell and Batista loses by DQ.

Winner by DQ: Muhammed Hassan

Batista goes buck wild on both men nearly killing them. He clubs the face of Daivari in the middle of the ring as there is blood everywhere. Hassan goes for a chair but Batista lays him out outside the ring. Batista then slams Hassan’s head off the concrete SEVERAL time before cracking him in the head with a chair. Batista goes back in the ring, Hassan is busted open. Officials come to the ring but they cannot stop the monster as he drops both men with the powerbomb and leaves them for dead.

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