According to reports, TNA is expected to announce very soon that Dusty Rhodes has stepped down as the promotion’s on-air storyline Director of Authority. The decision was reportedly made yesterday, although the belief at this time is that Rhodes will be brought back to TNA in the future “when the time was right” according to one source. Rhodes took on the role as the on-air Directory of Authority at the debut monthly Victory Road PPV in November of 2004, replacing former DOA Vince Russo. Rhodes also stepped down as the promotion’s head booker when a committee consisting of Scott D’Amore, Mike Tenay, Bill Banks, Jeremy Borash and Dutch Mantel recently took over that department.

It should be noted that Rhodes has been doing a number of corporate speaking events and intends to focus on that and promote his autobiography in the upcoming months as well. The Limited Brands Group (which owns Victoria’s Secret, Express and Bed, Bath & Beyond) brought Rhodes in yesterday for a motivational speech for their employees in New York City…if you will (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Anyone interested in booking Rhodes for future speaking engagements can contact his manager Mike O’Brien at [email protected]