Thanks to AH for the following:

Arizona’s #1 Morning Show on Real Rock 98 KUPD had WWE star Chris Jericho on this morning with hosts John Holmberg, Brady Bogen and Creepy E. discussing rock music, the latest Fozzy CD, a segment where Jericho helped give away front row tickets to this Monday’s Raw and also touched on some interesting topics like:.

When asked about Goldberg (who was in studio a few weeks back plugging The Longest Yard) Jericho stated: “The guy was nothing more than hype and good timing. He wasn’t a wrestler and all of the guys saw right through that, unlike WCW where you had to kiss his ass or else feel the wrath of the brass running the show. In WWE, guys didn’t kiss up to him and that really got to big Bill and that is one reason why he probably trashes WWE these days. Sorry Bill, you weren’t worth the money invested in your sorry ass.”

When asked about the Hardy-Lita-Edge situation: “I don’t want to talk about a touchy topic like that…but all Ill say is that Matt Hardy was screwed and hopefully one day he will be back where he belongs.”

ECW One Night Stand: “What a refreshing night of pro wrestling and we got to show the world what ECW was all about…hopefully this isn’t the last we see of ECW!”

(Funny line here: One of the hosts says maybe they can replace WWE Experience with an ECW show to which Jericho replied, “What’s WWE Experience?”…ouch!)

How long will Jericho keep wrestling: “Until it isn’t fun anymore…I know ratings are down and attendance is hurting but I have such a passion for this and whether I perform in front of 10 people or 10,000 I still love the wrestling business, even with all the politics and back stabbing involved along the way.”

Possibility of being drafted to Smackdown: “I’d love to go to Smackdown…probably would be refreshing and I would probably get more title shots (Jericho laughs). I’d love to feud with Rey Mysterio, Eddy, Benoit and Undertaker.”

Worst guy he has ever wrestled on a professional level: “Without a doubt Steve McMichael. I don’t care if he was an NFL star…he was just so green and had to be carried from start to beginning.”

Jericho ends the show with a cryptic message to the fans: “Hey when I become the WWE Champion again on Sunday June 26 in Vegas, maybe I will be drafted and can bring back to gold to the blue guys!”