Numerous readers have sent word that commercials aired in their area advertising upcoming SmackDown! shows featuring John Cena. This doesn’t mean much as the commercials were made in advance.

Rasheed Wallace had a world title replica belt after the Pistons victory over the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals game.

The webcast page for ECW One Night Stand has been setup over at

Chris York of PWInsider sent this: I just wanted to give you an in person account of what really happened with the ECW banner. I had 4th row seats, and directly in front of me, two ladies came in and sat down. Moments later, an official from WWE came over and offered them front row seats in exchange for being able to use their seats for an angle. Two average looking wrestling fans, and I don’t know them, so I don’t want to bad mouth them too much, but they definitely did not look like smart marks, they looked like typical casual fans, came over and sat down in these seats. I was a bit confused at the time wondering why these guys were sitting in seats designed for an angle. Just before the ECW segment went down, instructions were given that they were to hold an ECW banner up, and that Paul Heyman would rip it out of their hands. Well, they brought out the banner, and as you could see on TV as it was draped across the ring ropes, how big this thing was. Well, they brought it out, and held it up high, and sitting in the row directly behind them, I could not see a thing. Under normal circumstances, I would have immediately told the person that I could not see, but since this was a “WWE Contrived Sign,” there wasn’t much I could do. So, even though my wife still could not see, I got ticked off, and stood up on their chair, and held the top of this gigantic banner and played along chanting ECW. Overall, it was pretty exciting, I will admit that. All is well, I’m kind of joking with these kids about how these were $40 seats and I wanted to see. From there, Heyman walked over and said “give it to me, give it to me,” and they casually passed the banner to Heyman, from there the banner made it’s way into the ring. I watched some of the tape immediately when I got home, and it was plain to see that they cut back and forth enough, not to even show our section, or Paul Heyman retrieving it from the “planted fans.”