TNA Final Rating for the May 27th FSN show drew a .03 which is it’s second highest rating of the year. The average rating for TNA in the year of 2005 was .022 on Friday nights on FSN and .025 on the Saturday night replays.

TNA Paid it’s wrestlers 1.5 times the normal rate of pay for the May 31st taping that was cancelled. Jimmy Hart showed up for the show before finding it was cancelled. Jimmy did stay to promote Slammiversary though which airs on PPV on June 19th.

During the ECW One Night Stand PPV, a promo featuring the last ECW Tag Team Champions,Danny Doring and Roadkill,was cut off in the middle. It appeared to be a technical glitch. However, the real reason is that Doring and Roadkill were putting over that tag teams stick together through thick and thin forever then thanked Sabu for helping out Rob Van Dam as he was attacked by Rhyno. Problem is, the match hadn’t happened yet and the promos were out of sequence. The production crew realized this and pulled the plug quickly on the pre-taped promo.