— Just to set the record straight, the barbed wire used at Hardcore Homecoming last night was in fact real barbed wire. The details in last night s reports stating that it was fake were fairly cloudy.

— The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Terry Funk is said to be pretty banged up after his match at the Hardcore Homecoming event. We hope to have some good news on his condition soon.

— The woman that Sandman and Tommy Dreamer poured beer on in the front row, was former ECW star Elektra.

— At the ECW One Night Stand PPV, there was in fact a Titantron set up above the entrance way, off-camera.

— New Jack, who did one of his signature scaffold-dives and profanity-laced promos at Hardcore Homecoming, is featured in the new pro wrestling documentary titled 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler. There are clips of the DVD, as well as information on how to order, on HollymoodEntertainment.com