Partial Source: PWInsider

WWE expected the buyrate for the ECW PPV to be around 300,000. One source within the cable industry said it could reach as high as 800,000 which would just be a total shock. We’ll have early estimates in about a week.

Joey Styles has apparently signed a multi-year deal with WWE where he will work on future ECW DVD’s as well as the 24-7 project.

As far as SmackDown! is concerned, it doesn’t appear that they are turning it into any ECW type show. We’ve been told they want to bring in a lot of cruiserweights so it could turn out to be a situation where SmackDown! on Friday nights come this fall with be a cruiserweight wrestling show. We’ll keep you posted.

As far as the future of ECW, it has yet to be decided and until the buyrates come in, we wont really know. One would think they’ll definitely do something with it.