Edge talked publicly for the first time ever about his affair with Lita earlier this month. He was part of a 40-minute journalist roundtable with Cena, Stacy Keibler, Victoria, and others at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in California on 5/19. Edge said it’s tough maintaining family relationships on the road. He said his mom is the most important person in the world to him and he maybe gets to see her every two or three months. He hangs out with his friends he grew up with once every year if he’s lucky. He said the situation with Lita was awkward for both of them. The storyline with Kane spawned out of real-life and there were never any plans for it to happen. He said Vince paid attention to the crowd reactions and asked them to go with it: “We could give it 50% and it just wouldn’t work. So we said, okay, we’ve got to take this and run with it. We’ve been put in this position now and we might as well go with it.” Edge claimed that he still talks to Matt Hardy about two times a week. Regarding the Internet coverage of his personal life: “I think a lot of people have a lot of time on their hands. That was my first thought about it. It’s interesting that my life seems to be so interesting to other people. I’ve accepted being the Angelina Jolie of the locker room.”

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