Amy Weber issued the following to us via email:

“…as far as Roechelle Loewen is concerned… I could care less about what she has to say. They wanted to fire her ages ago because she was nothing but trouble and drama but they felt like she may sue them for the Randy Orton event on RAW. They only kept her on to appease her.. she served no purpose. After how many months now, if she is still upset that she got no “air time” and upset by the fact that I had no respect for her.. let her simmer and be an idiot.. I don’t care. She has no future in Hollywood or anywhere else. She got a part of a milkshake spilled on her when it was thrown in my face by Joy as a part of a pre-tape even though she was told to step back. She was so concerned with getting her face on camera that she got too close to me and she ended up with crap all over her. I thought it was hilarious. If you are warned and don’t listen, then pay the price. This is a girl who is a waste of time. She is using all of the wrestling outlets to promote herself. Anyone who knows me.. truly knows me, understands who I am and that I go to great lengths to help people in my life. People can believe what they want and if they want to believe a character like Rochelle then so be it. You cannot please the world and at some point you just grow up and realize that if you are a good person and treat people kindly who treat you the same, then that is all you can do. I mean, really, I’m sure there are other writers who are jealous of you and would do and say anything to drag you down…. it happens in all walks of life.. you just learn to let it roll off you. People say I couldn’t hack the WWE. Well, let me ask you and all of your readers if you decide to publish this what they would do if their safety was threatened or if they returned to their desk to find that someone had defecated on it. Would you stay? Would they? I’m not saying what happened to me, most already know, but these things happen and it is not okay. Why would you stay in an environment that you won’t be treated with respect in until you “earn your stripes?” I didn’t join the army. I only stayed as long as I did because I truly loved the fans. It was amazing to see such die hard fans supporting wrestling.. it was like nothing I had ever experienced. I got along with everyone and minded my own business. I wish Vince and Steph and Johnny and all of those guys the best.. I really do.”