Hardy Comments On What Happened At The ECW PPV

– After hearing about all of the support that the fans gave him at the ECW PPV, Matt Hardy posted his thoughts on the show at his official website. The following is what was written by Hardy on his website:

"What's up everyone? I got about 50 calls tonight from people buzzing me on the ECW crowd being all over Adam's @ss about me and the Paul E plug. After reading a couple of reviews of the show, it reminded me of why I loved ECW so much back in the day. Spontaneity. Controversy. Not being afraid to break from "the formula." A lot of truth and honesty rolled into the "entertainment" aspect of pro wrestling. Regardless of how predetermined or not Paul's two (or three) words were – "Matt frickin' Hardy," I respect him and thank him for going there. It popped me when I heard. Paul Heyman is a truly amazing individual when it comes down to him having his fingers on the pulse of the product. I respect his contributions to the business and wrestling mind greatly. I also respect the f*ck out of the New York fans–more specifically, the more educated, can't be insulted, we'll call you out on your feces fans. When it comes to performing, there's nowhere like NYC and the New Yorkers. As always, I thank everyone for their support–be well."