Shane Douglas, Tod Gordon, and Jeremy Borash wrote most of Hardcore Homecoming last night. Many of the wrestlers submitted idea’s that were used including Raven, Sabu, and Terry Funk.

After Hardcore Homecoming, they did a post show Q&A with just about everyone taking part except The Sandman and Raven. They filmed a Q & A Session with Shane Douglas, Terry Funk, Sabu, Francine, Tod Gordon, Justin Credible, and Tammy Lynn Sytch among others moderated by Stephen DeAngelis.

A number of TNA workers were helping Jeremy Borash out with the backstage duties during the show. Bill Banks shot backstage footage to be put on the DVD. Lee South was shooting photos. Cassidy Riley and Scott D Amore helped out as well. Bob Ryder was also in attendance.

Francine told some backstage that she was moving to New York City for a job in radio.

WWE’s ECW truck was seen circling the arena before, during, and after the Hardcore Homecoming event.

An 18 wheeler truck crashed on the New Jersey Turnpike yesterday which caused major traffic issues. Mick Foley called to let management know that he was stuck and didn’t think he was going to make it in time. He later called back and said he was OK and would make it. When he arrived, they took him into an office backstage where he waited until the ‘lights out’ segment.

Joey Styles and Cyrus arrived only minutes before the show started.

There is no word on what changed the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission’s decision to allow the Barbed Wire in the main event. When the ring crew started bringing the wire out, they were ordered to the backstage area. Music played in the arena while the two sides worked something out. We’re guessing the gate was so high because of ticket prices that they gave them a little leniency.

During the after show Q & A, the arena management noted that they still had one of the original ECW signs from back in the day that hung outside the arena. The decision was made to auction it off for the Chris Candido scholarship fund. Shane Douglas started the bidding off at $500 and when it reached $750, Tammy Sytch said if anyone bid $800, she would flash them. Sure enough, someone did it and they came into the ring and got what they paid for.