Inccident Between Dawn Marie & Francine At ECW One Night Stand

Source: Torch

An incident between the former ECW vixens Francine Fournier and Dawn Marie occurred at ECW One Night Stand last Sunday. Apparently, Dawn Marie wasn t happy about the way Francine greeted her when Dawn entered the locker room. Dawn Marie felt that Francine was being offensive towards her. Dawn Marie said hello to her however Francine blew her off and made a wired face. Dawn Marie then got aggravated and called her a few words including "b—h". They then went their separate ways and avoided each other the rest of the night.

The incident was reported to both Johnny Ace and Vince McMahon and they decided to have a meeting calling for professionalism as they wanted the WWE wrestlers and ECW wrestlers to cooperate and to not have battles on the night of the PPV. They didn t mind if they wanted to speak about the past.