Thanks to Christine Coons for the following report:

On Sunday, I ventured to the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa, Long Island to meet Y2J Chris Jericho. It was originally slated to run from 10am until noon, to allow fans enough time to head back to Manhattan. Upon arrival I was notified that it was going to start at 11, when the mall opens. Fans were directed to get in line in a large, empty store, formerly an Old Navy. The table where Y2J and SmackDown Diva Lauren Jones was set up near the beginning of the line. There was a ‘wall’ behind the table to keep fans from coming up behind the talent, and it provided a nice background for the Polaroid s. Merchandise including t-shirts, promo 8x10s, and action figures were available to purchase.

Around 11:30, fans were getting anxious, as Y2J hadn’t arrived yet. Apparently, he was stuck in traffic. Once he arrived, the tension from the waiting fans eased up and the line moved along at a good pace. Few people knew who Lauren Jones was, but most fans opted to have their Polaroid taken with both Jericho and Jones.

The session ended around 1:30, when the line had dissipated, so Y2J could get back to Manhattan for the PPV. My guesstimate on attendance is around 300 fans.

The first session ran by New York Sports Works that I attended at this mall was held in the actual shop and didn’t offer much room to move around. This new location was a much better set up and is perfect for their next autograph session on Friday, June 24th, featuring John Cena and Michelle McCool.