Thanks To Brian Richey for the following:

Joy Giovanni, who has been appearing on G4’s “Video Game Vixens” on a panel judging famous female video game characters on a number of categories, appeared today on G4’s live daily news/technology show entitled “Attack of the Show.” Joy appeared as the special guest taking part in the AOTS weekly LAN party. In the middle of the show they had a small interview with her which is summed up in these major points:

– Joy described her role on “Video Game Vixens” saying that its great that the virtual girls don’t talk back to the judges and that she judges based on the categories such as ‘Best Butt.’

– When asked how she was doing in the LAN Party, Joy laughed and apologized to everyone on her team since she is just learning (I believe the game was Battlefield 2 but I’m not completely sure.) She said she was having fun and could imagine herself sitting at her computer 24 hours a day and ‘playing herself into oblivion.’

– When asked about message-board reports that she herself might be a virtual girl (which I’m assuming means that she isn’t real or that the photos on her website are doctored,) Joy responded by stating that she does in fact go online and read the message boards, however she never responds to them. They showed pictures of her website and photos from it during this conversation.

– When asked what exactly a WWE Diva is, Joy said quote “We’re female wrestlers.” She mentioned that for the longest time she was the girl of the Big Show, which was a good thing considering Show is a good guy. She admitted that she’s more of a ‘getting-rescued’ girl than actually doing the wrestling. After joking about beating up the hosts she went back to the game.

The show will repeat at midnight and at 3am and noon tomorrow. Also, a mini-marathon of all the episodes of Video Game Vixens will air this Tuesday at 9:00pm leading up to the final episode at 10:30pm. (All times eastern.)