In an interview with the Miami Herald, Kurt Angle denied a report that stated he knew about plans to head to RAW weeks in advance. “I wasn’t told till the night of the ECW pay-per-view. Afterward Vince came to me, which meant I had 24 hours to be prepared to go to Raw. He told me I was going to stay there in New York and fly out to a different city. They were going to drive me into Rochester and put me in a hotel room under a different name. He kept it really secret. It was just amazing how secretive he was being about the trade.”

He also spoke about the lack of hype for his match at Vengeance, “In our match we don’t need a storyline to try to explain this match and have a tremendous match for people to be interested. We noly had a storyline at WrestleMania because we were on different shows. To see Kurt Angle versus Shawn Michaels, that’s an attraction right there.”