These are from Eric, our SmackDown! reporter from Hershey, PA:

First things first a local radio station was having a contest on who could broadcase there station the most during Velocity. The station was 105.7 The X. Well we had a Joe Jackson Watches Smackdown! Sign, and they loved it. We got to the door and they took it away! Argh! Then again During the show, we had a sign that had yoda, with a cowboy hat and suit saying “Wrestling God Am I” And they took that away to, so yeah, the hell with Hershey Giant Center staff!

On to the show

The dark match between Big Vito and Nunizio vs Trevor Rhodes and Garrison Cade got tons of ECW chants for Nunzio.

Also Psicosis, Super Crazy, and Juventued Guerrera got tons of ECW chants…note once little children begin chanting ECW you know the whole angle has gone way out of hand.

The crowd was fairly full, however they did have maybe 3 sections carpted off. The crowd was fairly hot the whole night, I’m sure it will come over not as good on tv as it did live.

As for pops for the night

Biggest Pops
1. The Undertaker
2. Chris Beniot
3. Rey Mysterio

Biggest Heat
1. JBL
2. Draft Pick.
3. Carlito

Hmm that’s about it for the evening, it was a great show live, hopefully it comes off great on television.

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