Thanks to Eddie for the following live notes from last night’s WWE RAW & SmackDown taping:

After RAW, it took them literally five minutes to change the set for SmackDown! That caught a lot of people off-guard, including myself, as we headed to grab some food and drinks hoping there would be an intermission. I missed an Undertaker/Hassan/Daivari beatdown, but Undertaker’s entrance got over huge (I was outside getting a drink and could hear it as if I were inside!) From what I understand, ‘Taker just beat the two up, which was the reason we never saw Daivari again.

Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero was next. It ended with Mexicool interfering and beating them up to a very loud ovation. These guys are amazing. They breathe so much life and heat into their segments, that you’re affraid a riot will happen. They were pretty controversial, saying that Mexicans should start the revolution against “The Gringos.” This trio has a lot of potential on SmackDown!. They were driving some hilarious ATV-like vehicles that looked like lawnmowers. They went as fast as 10 mph, perhaps. Pretty funny.

Backstage segment with Melina and MNM. Melina was stretching with Nitro and Mercury checking out her ass. She asked them to stop and then named celebrities that came to see her debut. Nick and Jessica are here, apparently. Ashlee couldn’t make it. That was a fun segment.

Melina over Michelle McCool. Lame match. MNM came out afterwords to celebrate with Melina, who’s very over. She demands a Snapshot on McCool. MNM does it. Heidenreich hit the ring for the save.

There was a segment with Guerrero where he showed a video of him with Mysterio’s Son Dominick. He then said he has a secret to tell him, and asked if Dominick likes bed stories. He told him he had a bed story to tell him that he will never forget. The segment was very disturbing (which is why I probably forgot to put it on here). Mysterio came out and begged Eddie not to say what the secret is. Guerrero said “Just as I thought” and walked out. Mysterio sat there depressed forever, until a beach ball started making its rounds in the crowd, and nobody cared. I believe they were going with a storyline where it turns out Guerrero is Dominick’s real father. It was very disturbing, and odd. There was some horrible innuendo.

They played a video package from Be Cool. It was Rock’s music video with the country outfit. It got over well. It was to plug the DVD, which comes out tomorrow. Also, throughout the night, they played plugs for the ECW DVD, which comes out tomorrow.

That was it. The Six-Man Elimination was announced next. JBL, Hassan, Booker T, and Benoit came out in that order. Long came out after them and said that since Big Show went to RAW, he’s going to make the fourth draft lottery pick replace him. It was Christian, who came out with different tights to a loud ovation. ‘Taker’s music was next, with only two gongs, and the lights came out for him to show up in the ring. Everyone cleared the ring except Christian. Hilarious stuff here. Christian played it off great, being a wuss at first, then trying to laugh it off with ‘Taker. He finally hit him, which lead to ‘Ta ker throwing him around, but not for too long. Christian tagged in Hassan. Again, very funny spot due to Hassan’s reaction.

This match lasted about 40 minutes. It was incredibly long. I have to say it was booked very well, although there were a very few boring spots.

Undertaker was eliminated first, after he went on the outside and hit Hassan with a steel chair (brutal chair shot to the head), then to the back. Hassan wasn’t eliminated, technically, but never came back. I’m sure that will be used for storyline purposes next week.

That left Benoit, Booker, Christian, and JBL. Weird elimination was Benoit going out next. I believe JBL eliminated him, but I do not recall. At this point in the match, it came down to Booker, JBL, and Christian, with mostly Booker and JBL working since Christian had worked the RAW main event.

Awfully obvious here was that the crowd wanted Christian to win and he was the most over out of all six guys in the first place, perhaps except Benoit (he got a huge pop too).

Christian tried to play possum, tagging in and out after big moves, and trying to eliminate both Booker and JBL. It was fun to see him play heel and face at the same time. He was really over when he was in with JBL. Bradshaw went for a high-impact move on Booker and he connected, but before they landed, Christian slapped JBL on the back to tag in. Booker got up, and Christian quickly grabbed his tights, revealed Booker’s ass, pinned him down holding the tights, and got the three. Booker, Christian, and the Ref were arguing, as JBL recovered and was behind Christian waiting for him to turn for the Clothesline from Hell. He did. JBL hit it and pinned him for the win.

Right after, Long walked out with a cover case for a championship that had the SmackDown! logo on the outside. He said he has some good news, and some bad news for JBL. The bad news is that he’s not the new SmackDown! Champion. In fact, Long said, there’s no need for a SmackDown! Championship in the first place. The good news is, that JBL has won the #1 contender spot and will fight the last pick for SmackDown! in the Draft Lottery – the World Champion, Dave Batista! Batista came out (same costume from RAW) with his belt, to huge pyro and a Cena-like ovation. I’d say just as loud. He posed with the belt in a corner, when JBL hit him from behind. Batista then got the #1 contender out of the ring and posed with the belt. End One Hell of a Night!