Thanks to our good buddy Alan Wojcik for the following:

TNA celebrated its third anniversary on Sunday June 19, 2005 with Slammiversary from Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida. On a personal note this is surreal to be here after many people declared this promotion dead more times then I can count. I congratulate the Jarrett s and Panda Energy for working hard to keep TNA alive. I got to meet my TNA counterpart the Authority Chris Schwartz (at least I think that was his name.) TNA and Universal legitimately had to turn away around 200 hundred people from the inside, but they were allowed to view the show on TV s outside the venue. Jeremy Borash told the fans after the event they would be an after party which made the fans happy. There was a TV camera crew in attendance filming a pilot for a reality show based around Jerry and Jeff Jarrett. Nashville s own Chicken Hat was in attendance.

As usual Jeremy Borash and the Franchise Shane Douglas hosted the pre-show (still missing Scott Hudson). After a highlight reel, championship committee member Larry Zybzsko stood in the ring and told the fans that DOA Dusty Rhodes couldn t keep control of the TNA locker room. He said Rhodes fell under the pressure and he has been removed as DOA. But before he could announce the new DOA, Jeff Jarrett hit the ring on the way stealing a sign that said Jarrett Fears Matt Hardy. Sal Rinauro, dressed as Jeff Hardy was ringside during this segment. Jarrett ran down a list of name and claimed he ran them all out of TNA. From the crowd came RAVEN!!! Raven took the house mic and ripped the committee putting Sean Waltman in the King of the Mountain match and demanded to be put in the match and claimed Jarrett has been holding him down as Jarrett stood in a corner mocking Raven. Jarrett said he talks about things and gets the job done while Raven b—–s about what he never gets done. While security detained Raven, Jarrett attacked Rinauro and guitar shotted him. Security and TNA officials including Jerry Jarrett and Terry Taylor removed Jeff from the building. The following match took place:

Simon Diamond (Thank god he s back) and Trytan defeated Gran Apolo and Sonny Siaki.

Before the match, Simon Diamond said he was tired of sitting at home and brought his own insurance policy and new partner Trytan to the ring. Diamond was wearing his Extreme Horsemen trunks. To win Diamond superkicked Siaki then Trytan hit the F5.

Backstage Jeff Jarrett was in handcuffs provided by Orlando Police Department and I think (since we had no sound in the venue) Larry Zybzsko put Raven in the main event.

The event was kicked off by David Sahadi s awesome cold opening which featured a highlight reel of memorable TNA events and youthful photos of 4 TNA superstars Traci Brooks, Jeff Jarrett, Bobby Roode and Lance Hoyt.

(1) In a six way X Division match, Shark Boy defeated Primetime Elix Skipper , Amazing Red, Zach Gowen, Delirious and Mr. 630 Jerrelle Clark.

Great match to open the PPV. Skipper took on Delirious and Red before tagging out to Clark who sped the match up. Red got close to the corner and Gowen tagged himself in only to miss a top rope leg drop. Clark tagged in Shark Boy who worked on the leg. Gowen had Shark ready for the moonsault before Skipper tagged in. Everyone hit planchas and moonsaults to the floor. Skipper and Shark brought Clark, Delirious and Red off the top with power bombs and suplexes. Gowen hit Clark with the moonsault. Clark hit Red with the Half Past Six. Thing got crazy from there but it ended as Shark Boy hit Delirious with a corner inverted DDT to win.

Backstage Shane Douglas spoke to Shocker about his success in TNA but Alex Shelley interrupted him touting his multiple wrestling styles.

(2) 1000% Guapo Shocker defeated Alex Shelley (thank god he is back).

The match began with mat wrestling and neither man had total control until Shocker s aggression forced Shelley to bail to the floor to regroup. Shelley came back to the ring and was hit with chest chops before trying again to take Shocker to the mat. He didn t succeed again so we were back to square one. Shelley brought the match to a halt cutting off Shockers s momentum long enough to sneak a kick in the gut. Shelley went of the offensive but Shocker came back again as Shelley missed a plancha to the floor. Shocker took the action back to the ring but Shelley brought his knees up to meet Shocker s moonsault. Shelley took over on Shocker stretching him on the mat but not getting the submission. Shelley hit a snap suplex to get two but seemed to get frustrated as he went up top and he missed the splash as Shocker dropkicked him in mid air. The action went to the floor again this time Shocker doing the damage on Shelley. Shocker suplexed Shelley back in the ring but Shelley countered into a pin for two. Shelley hit his finisher (forgot the name) but Shocker kicked at two. Both men went for pins but got two. Shocker went for a move but Shelley rolled him again for two. Shocker countered Shelley and this time his combination led to a pinfall win.

During the show they featured the five biggest moments in TNA history voted by the fans. Number five was the first time AJ Styles beat Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World title.

Shane Douglas spoke to 3 Live Kru about their loyalty issues. BG James told K Dogg and Ron Killings his actions will speak louder then anything and show where his loyalty lies. This was followed by a highlight package recapping the 3LK issues of the recent months.

(3) 3 Live Kru s Ron the Truth Killings defeated The Outlaw.

The match came down to the experience of the Outlaw against the speed of Killings. Early on Outlaw used his strength to move Killings around the ring until Killings sped things up. Outlaw hit the Ric Flair nutshot to slow down Killings but a corner splash only met turnbuckle. Killings went to scissor kick Outlaw out of the ring but Outlaw avoided it and Killings hit the top rope with his groin. A fan held up a chair and Outlaw went to drive Killings but he met the chair instead. Outlaw recovered and took over in the ring but his top rope move met Killings boots. Killings laid in right hands and a forearm but missed the scissor kick and Outlaw hit the Famouser but refused to cover Killings. This came back to haunt him as Killings countered out of the double arm choke slam to roll up Outlaw. After the match Outlaw hit Killings with the choke hold. Outlaw went to use a chair but BG James stopped him and went to hit Outlaw as the fans chanted New Age Outlaws. Konnan ran out sending Outlaw to the floor. 3LK argued again in the ring before leaving.

TNA Moment number 4 was Raven s debut in TNA in January 2003.

Shane Douglas spoke to Team Canada about their up coming matches with Lance Hoyt and the Naturals respectively. A Team Canada highlight reel played.

(4) NWA World Tag Team champions the Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) defeated Team Canada (Petey Williams and Eric Young w/Scott D amore and A1).

Some of the fans chanted Chris Candido s name during the match. Before the match the Naturals gave their headbands to the fans, Hart Foundation style. Young and Stevens started out but no one really got control so both men tagged out and Douglas took Williams to the mat with a standing crab. Williams walked in but the Naturals were one step ahead until young faked a leg injury long enough to send Stevens to the floor into the arms of A1 and Williams. Stevens finally came back into the ring But Williams put him in the tree of woe, stood on his nuts singing the Canadian anthem. All of Team Canada beat on Stevens but didn t get the three count needed to win the belts. Stevens fought back from defeat several times and finally tagged in a well rested Douglas who took out his anger on all of Team Canada. All four men got involved trying to win for their team. Williams got hit with a double team top rope Hart Attack for two. Young got hit with the Natural Disaster for two. As Williams took out Stevens, A1 hit Douglas with the hockey stick but JIMMY HART came out and gave his megaphone to Stevens who hit Williams to win the match.

TNA moment number three was the entire Lockdown 2004 PPV. Shane Douglas spoke to Sean Waltman/Syxx-Pac about being in the main event.

(5) Former ROH World Champion Samoa Joe defeated 2005 Jeff Peterson Cup finalist Sonjay Dutt.

This was Samoa Joe s TNA debut and the fans were not let down. Dutt was still wearing tape on his right arm that was worked over during the JPC. Dutt got on the offensive but Joe hit a standing STO followed by kicks and knees to Dutt s body. Joe facewashed Dutt and hit an in-ring Ole kick. Dutt fired back with kicks but Joe kept on the offense until he missed a spear and went to the floor. Dutt hit an enziguri and a plancha to the floor before bringing Joe to the ring. Dutt laid in more kicks before going hitting a 450 press for two. Dutt went up top for the Hindu Press but missed and Joe took over eventually getting the win via submission from a chokeout.

Tenay and West talked on camera about the Bound For Glory PPV before Raven spoke in rhymes about being in the main event.

(6) Team Canada s Bobby Roode (w/Scott D amore) defeated Lance Hoyt.

Several Pit members sported Hoyt-A-Mania T shirts for their favorite wrestler and Roode paused before locking up to insult them. Hoyt clearly had the strength advantage over Roode and used it any chance he could. Roode used D amore to his advantage as D amore distracted Hoyt long enough for Roode to send him into the guard rails chest first. Once back in the ring, Roode and D amore beat down Hoyt as Roode used Val Venis special knee lifts. Roode took Hoyt down to the mat with a bearhug and when Hoyt got free, Roode grabbed two handfuls of hair and threw him to the mat. Roode went up top but Hoyt got to his feet and press slammed Roode off the top. Hoyt hit two clotheslines and a flapjack slam before laying in right hands. Hoyt hit the chokeslam but D amore didn t allow a pin. Hoyt went up for a moonsault but D amore grabbed him and Roode hit a power bomb for two. Roode got the flag but Rudy Charles stopped him and Hoyt hit a rock bottom before trying to hit D amore. Charles broke it up and Roode hit the clothesline to the back of Hoyt s head to win the match. After the match Roode kept beating on Hoyt as D amore taunted from a safe distance but not far enough as Hoyt almost got a choke slam in. D amore got real cocky and went up top but missed a moonsault and Hoyt hit Roode with the running boot before focusing on D amore who got choke slammed to the mat and hit with Hoyt s moonsault. Team Canada came to save D amore from further damage. D amore got taken off on a medical backboard by TNA security.

TNA moment number 2 was Jeff Hardy s debut on the second anniversary event.

Shane Douglas spoke to NWA World Heavyweight champion AJ Styles about the main event. It was followed by a highlight reel on the recent problems between AMW s James Storm and Chris Harris.

(7) America s Most Wanted ( Tennessee Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris) defeated 3 Live Kru s BG James and Konnan.

It was interesting seeing two fan favorite tag teams square off in a match. Once again Konnan became Random Task throwing his shoe but it had little effect on AMW who took him to their side of the ring for some punishment. AMW must have liked being heels in 3PW last night as they seemed to working that way here. AMW had control until Storm s top rope move met Konnan s foot. This allowed BG to tag in as the fan chanted We Want Outlaw. BG s offense got stopped dead by a Storm superkick. AMW made several tags taking over on BG James but neither Storm nor Harris could get the pin. BG went to make the tag after AMW had another communication breakdown. But the Outlaw came out and fought with Konnan as BG went to tag out. AMW hit their Hart Attack style clothesline to win the match. After the match Konnan and BG James had words and BG left Konnan in the ring alone as the fans once again chanted New Age Outlaws.

TNA moment number 1 was Elix Skipper s top of the cage walk at Turning Point. Tenay and West spoke on camera before a highlight reel played hyping the X Division title match.

(8) NWA World X Division champion Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels defeated Michael Shane (w/Traci Brooks) and 2005 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup winner the Future Chris Sabin (w/Trinity)

With hatred between all men any alliances were real short. Early on all three tried to establish dominance but it was Daniels who got the first submission move taking Sabin down only to have Shane break it up with a top rope elbow. Shane and Daniels traded offense but Shane hit a Powerslam for two. Each man tried to pin Daniels but he used their momentum against them forcing Sabin to the floor and Shane on top of him. Daniels got left on the floor as Shane and Sabin came back to the ring and Shane hit a dropkick. Daniels came in and challenged Shane to a dropkick contest but instead Shane sent Daniels to the floor then hitting Sabin with a belly to belly suplex. Things got hard hitting as all three hit planchas to the floor. Daniels blocked the Shane superkick and Shane blocked Daniels Angels Wings but Sabin hit Daniels with an enziguri and Shane with a tornado DDT. Sabin got on the attack hitting Shane with a Suplex but his Cradle Shock was blocked so he hit Daniels with a flipping plancha to the floor. Shane went to the ropes but Trinity tripped him and the ladies fought. Daniels dared to hit the Angels Wings on Trinity but Sabin hit the Cradle Shock anyway to eliminate Shane as Daniels hit Trinity with the Angels Wings. Both men went for the kill but Daniels took Sabin to the mat with a chinlock and an armbar. Sabin fought to his feet and fought off Daniels to roll him up for a two count. Daniels went for a back suplex but Sabin countered into a bulldog. Sabin hit a perfectplex for two. Sabin laid in forearms but Daniels hit a tilt a while backbreaker and an STO for two. Daniels hit the BME but got two to the shock of the fans. Sabin missed an enziguri but didn t miss a second and hit a DDT for two. Sabin got his second or third wind and went for the Cradle shock but Daniels countered sending Sabin to the floor. Sabin skinned the cat only to be dropped on the top rope crotch first. Daniels hit Sabin with the Angels Wings to win the match.

As the TNA staff prepared the ringside area for the main event Shane Douglas spoke to Monty Brown. Larry Zybzsko was in the ring during the introductions of the competitors and would hold the title until it was needed.

(9) In a King of the Mountain match for the NWA World Heavyweight championship held by AJ Styles, Raven defeated Styles, Alpha Male Monty Brown, Abyss and Sean Waltman/Syxx-Pac.

Before the match they explained the rules of the match: pins or submissions count ANYWHERE in the building. When you are pinned you got to a penalty box cage for two minutes. To be able to hang the title on the hook, you must pin someone. Action took place all over as Brown pinned Raven fast to be eligible. Raven went to the box for two minutes. Styles and Waltman took to the air but they were no match for the strength of Abyss and Brown. Waltman went to the box next after Brown hit a power bomb. Styles hit Brown and Abyss with a slingshot dropkick but Brown POUNCED Styles to the floor where Raven pinned him to be belt eligible, sending Styles to the box. Raven used a garbage can on Brown and Abyss. Once Waltman got out, he got a trash can and used it on Brown and Abyss. Styles got out just as Brown was hit with an Abyss delivered Black Hole Slam making Abyss belt eligible. Brown went to the box. Raven was hit by the Styles Clash but Abyss broke it up. Waltman set up Abyss on the outside table as Styles came off with the Spiral Tap to send Abyss to the box just as Brown got out. Raven and Brown fought on the floor as Styles went to hang the belt but Waltman brought him off with an X Factor to make himself belt eligible. Raven got the staple gun out and tapped Waltman as Abyss came out of the box after hitting Styles a few times while both were confined. Waltman used the gun on Raven and Abyss crotch. Styles got out as Waltman tried to hang the belt but Styles stopped him only to see both men sent to the floor by Abyss. Brown POUNCED Abyss off the ladder and into the table. Raven went up as Abyss tried to stop him but Raven kicked him off to hang the belt and WIN THE MATCH!!!!!

The show ended with a teaser for July s No Surrender PPV on July 17th. After the ending fans stayed around for an autograph session with several of the wrestlers.