As it stands right now, the matches on the actual ECW PPV tonight will be kept ‘clean’ from the WWE ‘invasion’ angle.

They are expected to air many video clips of old matches which should be a neat thing to see.

As we noted earlier, Rob Van Dam will be cutting a shoot promo and will be getting involved physically despite a knee injury.

Lance Storm’s match with Chris Jericho is his retirement match according to him. Dawn Marie could receive some nasty chants tonight as well.

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero is expected to be a Japanese classic style match. Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis will be a Lucha Libre style match.

Mick Foley and Joey Styles will do commentary.

Tommy Dreamer & Sandman vs. Dudleys is expected to have a ton of surprises as well as tables, ladders, chairs, and who else knows what.

Eric Bischoff, Edge, Christian, William Regal, Gene Snitsky, Maven, Coach, JBL, Kurt Angle, Orlando Jordan, the Bashams and many more will all be at the PPV tonight.

Expect Tazz to choke out Angle with the Tazzmission.

Al Snow will have Head with him tonight.

Simon Dean will play Hollywood Nova and Blue Meanie will do the Blue Guy as a part of the BWO gimmick.

Kid Kash will likely wrestle on the PPV.

Live coverage at 7EST!