As we noted yesterday, the ECW DVD features tons of edits including that of The Dudley Boyz and Sandman’s introductions. The Sandman’s ‘Enter Sandman’ theme is a generic version and to make matters worse, the crowd noise is muted. There is also no cussing on the DVD until the end where you can hear Sandman say “EC F**king W” clear as day. That’s interesting because on the live broadcast of the show, that was edited out. The DVD is listed as TV-14.

The Best Buy system has the release date listed as 7/12/05, so they’re not putting on the shelves yet. However shows the correct release date and if someone points out the mistake to the employee, they’ll most likely bring the stock from the back.

The ECW DVD is number one in sales on

The Danny Doring and Roadkill promo has been edited off the ECW DVD.

Ads for the Rise and Fall of ECW and WWE 24/7 replace the Vengeance and Rob Zombie movie ads.

There is a different camera angle for the double DDT by Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGuillicuty.