Major News & Preview Concerning RAW Tonight


Let the draft lottery commence.

Who will be the first SmackDown! Superstar drafted over to RAW, and what will the ripple effect be across WWE? Chairman Mr. McMahon has made it clear that no one is safe from the draft process and that trades can occur up until June 30. We also learned that Y2J will interview the first pick exclusively on The Highlight Reel.


Many Superstars have expressed concerns about being drafted, although last week Christian seemed excited by the potential of a move. But now the waiting is over. All that remains is for name No. 1 to be drawn as a SmackDown! Superstar says goodbye to his familiar surroundings and heads to Monday nights. Don t miss the event that could change the face of RAW.

Meanwhile, Triple H and Batista will make it official when they sign the contract that will put them inside Hell in a Cell. Last time these two were in the ring for a contract signing, Batista put The Game through a table with a Batista Bomb. Surely, both men will be ready for anything.

It all begins next Monday at 9/8 CT on Spike TV.