People are still buzzing about last week s shocking RAW. WWE Champion John Cena moved to Monday nights as the first-overall pick in the Draft Lottery, and the likes of Tommy Dreamer, the Dudleys and The Sandman took the fight to Bischoff s anti-ECW crusaders as the show went off the air.

Although it still hasn t fully sunk in that The Champ is here, it s already time to brace for RAW s second selection. Which SmackDown! Superstar will be next, and what will the ripple effect be throughout WWE?

On Thursday, RAW lost “The Crippler” Chris Benoit to SmackDown! via the Draft Lottery. How will RAW s newest acquisition fill that void? Tune in Monday to find out.

In addition to the second SmackDown!-to-RAW Draft Lottery selection, the main event will feature RAW s newest champion John Cena in a tag-team match alongside Y2J against Christian & Tyson Tomko.

And none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin will be administering some Texas Rattlesnake-style justice in Stone Cold Court. He ll be presiding over disgruntled Superstars Muhammad Hassan and Daivari.

Don t miss what is sure to be another unforgettable RAW, as the eventful roster shakeup continues.