There has been a lot of speculation about the potential surprises for ECW One Night Stand tonight, with the names being bandied about. Tommy Dreamer stated last week that there will be a surprise that would NOT be included on the PPV or DVD, but only for the live crowd.

Every star to ever step foot in an ECW, ring from Steve Austin to Beulah, has been mentioned at one point as possibly being a “surprise” on tonight s show. Raven has been heavily rumored to making an appearance however he is contracted to TNA, same as Shane Douglas and Jerry Lynn. This means that, there’s no way they can appear on the PPV broadcast.

Another heavily rumored name is Terry Funk, as he is still on the East Coast and has a book signing scheduled for Bookends in Ridgewood, New Jersey tomorrow. However Funk has also stated on numerous interviews that he would not be wrestling on the show.