The following are interview highlights which was conducted on Pro Wrestling Radio, Saturday 06/04/05.
Repcap & Interview by: Eric Gargiulo

Eric: I understand you are going to be involved with a new reality series?

Matt: Yeah it is actually odd it is actually the last thing that I had expected. Some people approached me out of the New York, New Jersey area, and they actually have this breakthrough concept that they want to do of doing like a website with streaming video once a week, once every two weeks, however they decide to format to have a all new, first run, reality show. It is almost like a reality, variety series. In addition to that there is going to be a ton of other things on the site where there is going to be an excerpts, and different clips where you can see the full length clip and also different Omega matches, this, that, and the other thing, it s just going to be more or less a fully active Matt Hardy site, and also involving Jeff (Hardy) as well and all of my other family and friends, relatives, and anyone else that are a part of my cast of characters. So it is going to be real interesting, we have already shot about 25, 30 hours worth of footage. There is some hilarious stuff, there is some inspirational stuff, there is some real motivational stuff, it is going to be good, it is definitely going to be a variety, reality package.

Eric: Have you heard from anyone from the WWE in management since you have been gone regarding a return?

Matt: Yeah I have got a few people who I am close friends in management that I have spoken to, you know I would never rule anything out but also as things stand right now I have until July 10 when my 90 day clause runs out and then after that I m a free agent. I m going to do whatever is available at that time.

Eric: Was there ever a point in time before you signed your WWE contracts that you and your brother had been contacted about working for ECW?

Matt: Yeah we actually talked to a couple of people from ECW, if we hadn t signed with the WWE we both probably would have ended up in ECW.

Eric: Can you talk about the Angelic Diablo character and promo that is currently up on What is the concept? To me it reminds me a lot of an expanded version of the original Raven character.

Matt: It s kind of got that brooding effect of a Raven character but even still there is going to be a lot of tweaks with the Angelic Diablo. I think the basis behind it is just someone who is a vigilante who has had everything that means something to them in their life taken away from them, and then just rising up in the ashes and trying to get their life back together, their whole goal is now they don t really have anything because they ve lost everything, is just to make sure that doesn t happen to other innocent people. And the people that are guilty, and the people that are corrupt, they will make sure to punish them, you know, and by any means necessary and to also punish them with great vengeance.

Eric: Was this the character that you wanted to return to the WWE with?

Matt: Yeah actually this character I created after the whole thing with the Lita, Kane, and Matt storyline. I d lost my girl, I d lost my health, and I d been injured, you know I lost my career for a matter of time, I had lost everything and whenever I came back that was kind of my mindset was to have this character, although to make it not quite the Punisher or the Crow but to make it more human and to have elements of Matt Hardy in it. Even the vignettes that the people have seen are a little more comic-booky, I would definitely be a lot more human, but that s definitely the mentality behind the character.

Eric: With NWA Wildside closing their doors, do you have any plans to reopen an Omega like promotion down South?

Matt: Yeah I mean I have thought about that, you know I d definitely never rule that out because those were some really fun days and it would be fun to do, if nothing else just to do it again so yeah that is definitely not something I would rule out you never know down the road.

Eric: Is there anything you have been able to do with your new free time that you haven t been able to do in the past?

Matt: One that that I was able to do which was real cool, something I have been wanting to do for a long time, I actually did this while I was out with my surgery, I was able to completely decorate my house which is something that I have been wanting to do, and you know bought a lot of things I actually got a real nice hot tub, bought some arcade game, some of the old classics and got a pool table, and got some pictures hung, cleaned, furniture, you know completely arrange my house. That was the one good thing and started on some of my landscaping. Maybe I will finish that up now that summer is here.