As we noted several days ago, Matt hardy was contacted by WWE several days before the RAW wedding angle. They asked him if he would wait it out several weeks before signing with TNA as they were interested in trying to work out an angle for a return. Sources indicate that fan reactions over the past several months have indicated to Vince McMahon that Hardy has the [potential to be something else and sell merchandise. The issue is that there are obviously emotional problems between the two.

This places Hardy in a really good position as he’s become a very talked about hot commodity who has his pick of the litter in the near future, even if WWE doesn’t make him an offer to return. Hardy is at the point he can pretty much write his own ticket on the independents (where some promoters have claimed he is asking for $2,500-$3000 a shot), TNA, or even possibly Japan. If course, as it stands, there is also a distinct possibility he can head back into World Wrestling Entertainment (if they make him an offer) with an angle that fans are literally asking for weekly. In many ways, Hardy’s current situation could be compared somewhat to Bret Hart’s red hot momentum after the Montreal incident in November 1997, although WCW completely dropped the ball on that once Hart debuted for them. (

Hardy’s current WWE no-compete expires on 7/11 and a TNA deal is ready to go. TNA has also been holding off Jeff Hardy’s return so the two can reunite the Hardy Boyz.