As I previously reported, there was an incident early in the day backstage at ECW One Night Stand on Sunday between the former ECW vixens Francine Fournier and Dawn Marie. Each side is claiming the other insulted them. The word going around is that Dawn Marie was very upset that Francine blew her off upon when entering the building and refusing to shake her hand. Marie felt that Francine was disrespectful, especially since she was an outsider and Marie was a WWE star.

Francine was contacted for and she denied disrespecting anyone, saying, “This did not happen that way. Dawn came over to me and said “Hi”. I extended my hand to her and we shook hands. I then said “How are you?” She said, “I see you are as pleasant as ever”, rolled her eyes and walked away. I just ignored her comments. If she called me a b***h, I didn’t hear it. I didn’t disrespect her in any way and I did shake her hand. We are not the best of friends but I shook her hand because it was the right thing to do. Whoever told the story is lying to make me look bad. There were people standing with me that saw me shake her hand. Awww…. gotta love people in wrestling.”

Several people at the show actually thought that if Marie wasn’t pregnant and there may have been a physical incident between the two, as they didn’t get along well during their Extreme Championship Wrestling run.

It appeared that Francine replaced Marie in the catfight spot at the end of the show, due to Marie’s pregnancy. Marie was in the ring with Beulah McGuillicuty, who based on comments made in shoot interviews by Francine, there is also friction with.