— Nobody backstage is believing JBL s side of the story about the incident with Blue Meanie at the ECW PPV. “He was staring down Blue Meanie from the second he entered the ring,” says one wrestler in the ring who has watched the tape of the event. “There is no doubt in my mind that he was fuming from what Paul Heyman said about him, and he took it out on the weakest target he could find. It was an assault. He broke the trust wrestlers have with one another. Meanie’s guard was down, and JBL hit him over and over, splitting his eye open. His eyes were swelled shut. That’s not a receipt, it’s a mugging.”

While some members of WWE s upper management are very upset with JBL, there is concern that Vince McMahon may not take any action against JBL. “Vince doesn’t respect or give two sh**s about Blue Meanie,” says one WWE wrestler.

Tracy Smothers, who came to Meanie s defense during the brawl, has issues a challenge for a fight with JBL. JBL has yet to respond.