June 16, 2005

Still recovering from the loss of WWE Champion John Cena to RAW in the WWE Draft Lottery, SmackDown! is down another huge Superstar as Olympic Champion Kurt Angle was announced as RAW’s second pick this past Monday night.

Still, SmackDown! gets to introduce its second pick this week in Hershey, PA.. One week ago SmackDown! added Chris Benoit to the roster in a stunning Draft Lottery announcement.
In the ring, United States Champion Orlando Jordan will defend his championship against Hardcore Holly. Also, Chris Benoit will battle Doug Basham and Paul London will face Eddie Guerrero one week after Latino Heat bounced London from his own match.

Meanwhile, Booker T & Sharmell will be guests on Carlito’s Cabana.

Don t miss SmackDown! on UPN (8/7 CT) as the WWE Draft Lottery rolls on.