Last night’s edition of SmackDown scored a 3.6 overnight rating, with a six share. The final number should be posted later today.

Daniel Prokosch sent this one. … I just want to pass on a report from appearance of Batista on Good Morning Arizona yesterday in Phoenix. Batista was on for about 5 minutes and the interviewer was surprised that he came in a suit and was very nice. He was wearing sun glasses. He said he was wearing them because he got a black eye from Kurt Angle. He talked about his three daughters and said he is a family man. He went on to promote the Raw show on Monday at America West Arena and Vengeance next Sunday. The interviewer was very nice and treated him with respect. We also found out that Batista collects lunch boxes.

John Cena will be on Fox’s Best Damn Sports Show next week.

Speaking on Cena, this week, John Cena’s debut album has gone up from 69 to 64 on the Hot 200 Chart. However on the rap albums, it’s gone down from 13 to 15, and on the hip-hop albums charts, its gone from 29 to 30.