The Blue Meanie confirmed in an interview with Alex Marvez that he is considering taking legal action against John Bradshaw Layfield for the assault at the ECW One Night Stand PPV. Meanie mentioned that while he had been unflattering of Layfield in the past including a statement from a lawsuit regarding former WCW referee Billy Silverman’s.

Bradshaw hugged him backstage and he thought all was fine between the two. After the incident, where Meanie was left bloodied, Bradshaw confronted him backstage. “”People were between us and he started yelling about how I had talked bad about him on the Internet. I was like, `It’s a work!’ Look at him. The guy is 6-7 and 300-something pounds. He’s a little more imposing than me.”

The Arizona Republic has a long detailed story regarding the history and closing of the legendary professional wrestling venue Madison Square Garden. The story includes photos and quotes from professional wrestler Tito Montez.

In today s Daily Citizen in Arkansas features a story on Ted DiBiase appearing at the July 7 Freedom Fest religious event, where he will be signing autographs.

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