Sources report that Rob Van Dam completely improvised his promo for the ECW PPV. Although he had spent some time coming up with ideas for the interview, he never once penned a script.

Apparently, Van Dam thought of a few ideas on the fly, while opting not to include others in the short in-ring promo. There was no script approval from Vince McMahon, so he did not have to worry about ‘offending’ WWE management.

Vince McMahon braced himself for a very unflattering promo, say sources. “Vince knew RVD’s guns were a-blazing,” one wrestler noted.

In an update to the erroneous report of Bret Hart appearing at Vengeance, it seems other ridiculous names like Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan, Chyna, Scott Hall and Jamie Noble are also on the “cast list” for WWE Vengeance 2005. What likely happened is that the editor mistakenly included all past WWE names under the cast list for the individual PPV.