As previously mentioned, Sabu is scheduled to meet with Vince McMahon tonight at RAW to talk about working with WWE. Also a lot of WWE sources have been saying that that they also plan to reach out to other former ECW talent.

Today’s Manchester Online has a story following up yesterday’s WWE house show in their town.

Thanks to Tony Stevens that sent word that his Forbes magazine “People Tracker” noted that Linda McMahon’s title in the WWE hierarchy has been changed from “Chief Executive Officer” to “Founder/CEO/Director” while Vince McMahon’s was changed from “Chairman” to “Founder/Chairman of the Board/Director”.

Thanks to Barry Gunnels for this one. … Here s an article about the latest movie based on a video game franchise, Dead or Alive. It stars none other than Kevin Nash as Bass. In the game, Bass is actually a professional wrestler so it s a good fit for Nash.