— Steve Austin confessed backstage that he believed drinking a beer with The Sandman did just as much for him as it did for Sandman. “Steve was cool about everything,” says one ECW wrestler. Before the event, Mikey Whipwreck asked Austin if he minded him doing the Whipper Snapper (basically a Stone Cold Stunner off the second tope). Austin said he was cool with that, and admitted that he copied the move from Mikey in the first place, so of course he could do it.

— Eric Bischoff is being praised for his professionalism that he showed throughout the ECW angle, and particularly on the night of the ECW PPV.

— Spike Dudley appeared to be among the more disappointed wrestlers backstage during the event, due to his very limited role in the show.

— There were some WWE wrestlers who expressed discomfort with even being at the show, since they felt out of place and unwelcome.