The Blue Meanie has added a new blog over on his page regarding some reports already stating that he is filing a lawsuit against WWE’s John Bradshaw Layfield following the in-ring incident at ECW One Night Stand on June 12. Meanie noted strongly that he is considering filing a lawsuit, but nothing has taken place at this time to further the situation.

In addition, Meanie also talks about why he did the interview with and why some have already considered this situation to be a “work” since the company decided to run an article about it on their website. Meanie wrote, “This whole thing between JBL and I is NOT a work. I know that is the age ole conspiracy theory but it is NOT a work. A lot of people were surprised I gave an interview to To be honest I really wasn’t going to BUT I felt that I had to refute the things I had heard JBL say. That’s all. Do I regret doing it? No. Because I think that article exposed a lot of things that you can be the judge of for yourself.”

Meanie also announces in the post that 3PW (the independent promotion in Philadelphia that he has been involved with since its start in 2002) would be canceling all of their scheduled summer events and restart again this September. In regards to the status of his current injuries following the ECW One Night Stand PPV, Meanie noted that he is scheduled to meet with a physician on Thursday to be further examined.