Here is the latest on TNA’s TV situation:

Apparently TNA is the one that walked away.

1. WGN wanted TNA to pay them for the show, regardless of ratings. TNA was willing to pay for their slot early, because they felt with their new booking team (D’Amore, Tenay, Banks, Borash) and the and their overall product they would gain viewership. TNA wanted the deal so that if ratings went well, they would no longer have to pay for the slot. WGN did not like this and wanted TNA to pay even if ratings went very well. In short, it would have been no different than the FSN deal, and likely more expensive since it’s primetime.

2. There is another option out there, but TNA is not saying who. The overall feeling is TNA does have another deal out there, to the point that TNA essentially walked away from WGN. It could be Spike, or possibly somebody else.

3. There is a TV taping scheduled after their next PPV. It could simply be for international outlets, but it is possible something else is out there.

4. There is absolutely no aura of panic from the people we’ve heard from as they all feel everything will pan out.

We’ll have to wait and see. Other possible networks are Spike TV, FX, or possibly even Bravo.