The following is from Matt Hardy’s official website regarding his “The Matt Hardy Show” online reality series:

Hello everyone-

For any of you that don’t know-there is a small trailer with a few clips from the show at THEMATTHARDYSHOW.COM. This video was actually prematurely leaked out, so we decided to just go ahead and let everyone check it out. Keep in mind, THE MATT HARDY SHOW is going to be about having fun–making people laugh, smile, and be entertained. Don’t take anything too serious–nothing is being done to spitefully hurt anyone. The production people are working overtime getting the site and first couple of shows ready…it won’t be long now. For those who have asked, there will be a small fee for the show–but it will include alot more than just the show. In a special contest, we are going to randomly pick a member that joins for the first month for a special “vacation”. That member will win an expense paid trip to Cameron, NC to spend three days and two nights with myself, Lori, Jeff, and the rest of the crew. I promise whoever wins will have a blast with us and they will also appear on the show.

If you have any video footage relating to me or not relating to me that you would like to submit to THE MATT HARDY SHOW, send it to-

P.O. BOX 713
VASS NC 28394

I want to thank everyone who has taken time out to check out the trailer–but keep in mind–you haven’t seen anything yet. This project is a little offbeat and different, but it’s been fun for me so far. I hope it can be fun for you guys as well. Also, Scarlet from the TMH message board made a surprise visit to my house yesterday, and was extremely entertaining to say the least. Thanks, and be well…