FEATURING: Rochelle Loewen, Rochelle-Loewen.com
HOSTS: Chris Cash & Big Mike, VoiceofWrestling.com
DATE OF: 06-13-2005

SUBJECT: In part one of this very in-depth interview with former WWE diva, Rochelle Loewen, the story behind the Randy Orton incident was discussed in-depth. If you haven’t read or heard that part of the interview, you can visit VoiceofWrestling.com for the archive. In the second half of Rochelle’s interview with Chris Cash and Big Mike, hear her shoot on Amy Weber, other women in the WWE, wrestling fans, the SD diva search, and much more!

Chris Cash asked Rochelle why she wasn’t with the company anymore after her move to Smackdown! seemed to make her experience a little more enjoyable. “I’m not there anymore because I don’t think it’s a good fit for me,” she explained, “there was a diva search with Smackdown! at No Way Out [and] I just thought it was absolutely ridiculous. Joy Giovanni…she’s a mother of two babies and she’s a married woman. She gets up on stage and sits up on Torrie Wilson and starts reverse cowgirl as if she’s having sex, takes off her shirt wearing a bra, pretending to screw another woman up on stage and she wins the diva search. That is not the way I think a lady should act”.

Loewen continues her shoot on the women in the WWE, the way they’re presented, and the reason she’s not there anymore, “It’s just absolutely repulsive to me. This type of action these women [are] doing is not my forte. I just decided this is not an appropriate fit for what I want to do and I decided to leave”. When asked if she had ever been confronted about doing similar things on television, she said she wasn’t. “Those girls acted like that on their own free will,” she said, “during the No Way Out diva search, all of them stripped down to their bras and did these sick little dances and I decided to tell jokes. They [the audience] were expecting me to act like a whore and I wasn’t about to act like a whore. I’m a lady and I don’t want to degrade myself to that level. That’s not all I have to offer…my t–s and ass”.

Rochelle continues by saying the perception that company has of women in general is ultimately the reason she decided to leave. “Had I not been doing the diva search, I would have quite a long time ago. I mean the theme song being ‘Walk Idiot Walk’…what kind of f***ing woman would walk out to the theme song ‘Walk Idiot Walk’. That’s just beyond me”. She says she agrees with a lot of the wrestlers that wrestling is not a very good place for women. “The flipside of that is this…if men only want to see men up on stage wrestling, that makes me wonder too. That really makes me wonder. For all you wrestlers and all you fans that just want to see men up on stage…that’s a little weird guys”.

Amy Weber Shoot Starts Now:

Rochelle mentioned the tension that seemed to be backstage behind the women and how it seemed as if all the women (and even if the men occasionally) were always competing. “The worst of the worst was Amy Weber,” and she’s off to the races shooting on Amy, “thank GOD she was fired. She is just exorcist. She was sort of the female version of Randy Orton. She’s the anti-Christ…absolutely evil”.

After such strong statements, Cash asked Rochelle to give reasons to support why she feels this way toward Amy Weber. “I can give you a plethora of incidences where she was absolutely beyond normal,” she continues with an example, “this is the best…this is why the WWE and her didn’t work out and I have to tell this story because it’s hysterical”. She brought up how the WWE was going on a tour to Japan. Rochelle, however, didn’t go on the trip and was told about this story by “all the wrestlers” when they returned. Loewen made fun of how Amy was bragging prior to the trip about being famous in Japan. “I remember her even telling that to Stephanie McMahon”.

She continues with the story, “All the wrestlers were out one night having fun in Japan and on the streets was this man giving away advertisements for a strip club. On the advertisements for the strip club was a picture of Amy Weber and it was a really, really slutty, whory picture of Amy Weber. So, all the guys on the bus started laughing and passing around this flyer saying ‘Come to the strip club where you’ll have lots of fun’ and Amy Weber upon seeing this little pamphlet or whatever is outraged,” Loewen mocks how Amy supposedly said the pictures were stolen and then continues with the story, “well, the guys were curious so they went to the actual strip club to go find out whether that picture was stolen or whether or not she worked there. And the latter was true…she worked there and she worked there as a girl who did everything. It was a whore-house and she had worked there for a while. Oh, she was very popular! That’s what they [the wrestlers] said, that for a certain price, she would do everything”. At one point after this incident, Rochelle claims that the men were teasing Amy, resulting in her saying that she was going to sue the WWE for harassment.

Rochelle ends by comparing the difference in what Weber did to what she does in Playboy. “There’s a huge, huge, huge difference,” she says, “Playboy is the pinnacle of feminine beauty. I have never shown my coochie in Playboy. I would never, ever, ever sell my body to a man for money [referring to Weber]. It’s a huge difference. One’s at the bottom of the barrel and one’s the absolute hierarchy of feminine beauty. However, to have a man pay you cold, hard cash to use your body for whatever he wants is a little bit of a different story”.