Yesterday we posted a story about Nidia and former WWE developmental diva Bobbi Billard working a recent tour in Italy. We noted that Billard abruptly left the tour and Rikishi wound up taking care of the tab. Billard claims that she left the tour because they wanted to user her as a wrestler instead of a valet and she refused due to her neck issues. She also claimed she got hurt while valeting a bout. Billard left OVW due to neck problems, with WWE later paying for neck fusion surgery.

Former WWE Diva Jacqueline recently commented on her run with WWE. When asked about today’s diva’s, she replied “Right now, they are using a lot of Playboy models, a bunch of T & A. I have nothing against that. There is plenty of room for that, but there is room for both. People love to see pretty women, but you can see them anywhere. Get back to wrestling.”

For those wondering, Rena Mero and Brock Lesnar are still together in real life and are living in Minnesota. (PWInsider)