Source: Torch

There have been reports that the one and only Rob Feinstein tried to get through backstage at ECW One Night Stand however was rejected access due to not having a backstage pass. Rob had to go watch the show with the crowd like everyone else. Feinstein shot fan-cam footage back during ECW’s heyday and ran errands for the promotion.

As previously reported Triple H and Stephanie did not attend the ECW pay-per-view. Shane and Vince both did, however neither of them booked the show but were both on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly for Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer, who were the bookers of the show.

The Paul Heyman’s “shoot” on Edge was a planned segment for the show. Edge was told about it earlier in the day and was said to be completely fine with what Heyman was going to say about him.

However, the shoot which Heyman done on JBK wasn t planned and Vince was watching all of it on a monitor backstage. Apparently Vince was initially surprised about what Heyman said about Triple H not wanting to work Tuesday night s, he eventually laughed about it after a three/four second pause, saying, “I don’t care, he put Triple H over.”