After Raw went off the air, The ECW contingent saluted the crowd from the ring, then left via the crowd. A lot of the wrestlers stopped in the crowd to take pictures with the fans on the way out. The crowd chanted ECW and were really into the entire segment live.

The dark match to end the show featured WWE World champion Batista pinning Triple H in a St. Louis Streetfight in about 20 minutes. They brawled into the crowd a few times and there were two ref bumps. Batista pinned Triple H after a spinebuster on the chair. It was a really good match.

Here is your Heat and Dark Match results re-posted as well:

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Dark Match:

*Bobby Lashley defeated Trevor Rhodes.

Sunday Night Heat:

*Viscera pinned Maven.

*Simon Dean pinned an unnamed opponent.

*In a battle of La Resistance, Rob Conway pinned Sylvan Grenier. Grenier got his leg on the rope during the pinfall but Conway pulled it off. Conway worked as the heel.