Just to show you how secret WWE is keeping the draft, John Cena was hidden in a car in the back parking lot of RAW Monday. None of the agents or wrestler’s knew who would be drafted until the actual highlight reel. John Bradshaw Layfield was also backstage at RAW during the early part of the day and many felt that could have been a decoy of sorts to fool the fans if anything leaked to the ‘net. That enevr happened on Monday.

As far as the ‘other’ name who was dratted to SmackDown! (read the SmackDown! spoiler report for more), he was notified on Monday night backstage at RAW by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and was asked to keep it to himself. He did not arrive to the SmackDown! tapings until very shortly before the show was taped and was kept of the way of all the guys in the back.