The Rock’s high school photo is currently being used as part of a promotion in the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain. Diners have to try and figure out which celebrities are which.

The Easter Egg for WWE’s Greatest Wrestling Stars of the ’80s:
Easter Egg: Hulk Hogan interview from Wrestlemania VI
How to Access: On Disc Three, highlight and click the Chapters option on the main menu. Highlight the Hulk Hogan button. Push the left key twice. A clip will play of Hulk Hogan’s pre-match interview talking about The Ultimate Warrior from WrestleMania VI.

As previously mentioned, CM Punk is expected to sign a WWE developmental deal within the next several days.

Apparently Tommy Dreamer’s ear injury occurred when Bubba Ray Dudley caned him and Dreamer is seen clutching the ear immediately afterwards. It has been said that Dreamer has had some loss of hearing due to the injury.