WWE 24/7 will be debuting in July on Cox Communications, Blue Ridge Communications, Click! and Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Communications.

We’ve gotten a few e-mails about a comment Jim Ross made last night about John Cena’s title defense being the first WWE Title match on “Raw” since 2001. First off, the brand extension wasn’t until 2002 and second Eddy Guerrero defended the WWE Title against Triple H on the Draft Night edition of “Raw” on March 29th 2004. Prior to that the last WWE Title match was in August of 2002 when The Rock defeated Eddy Guerrero.

Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Hillbilly Jim will be representing the WWE this week in New York at their Licensing convention.

Last week’s Smackdown show was No. 56 in the prime time ratings for the week.