WWE RAW Results (6/2/05): John Cena Traded; ECW Invasion!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, June 6th, 2005
Location: The Savvis Center in St. Louis, MO
Results by PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

Eric Bischoff is shown in the back and he says last night he had the opportunity to have the first pick in the WWE draft and tonight he will walk out there in front of all these fans in St. Louis. The Coach shows up and says that Paul Heyman may show up here tonight. Eric says “Coach, who cares?” Eric is on a high and he cannot be taken off of it. Bischoff says this will be his defining moment. Who is the first pick in the draft?

The official contract signing is tonight in the Raw ring.

Highlight Reel w/ the first draft pick…

Chris Jericho’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring for the Highlight Reel special edition where he will have the first pick in the draft! Jericho welcomes the fans and says this is THE night. He says because tonight Fozzy plays live across the street after the show! Oh, and it’s the first night of the draft lottery as well. In just moments a Smackdown superstar will head to the ring to make their debut on the Highlight Reel! He says he doesn’t know how the impact will be compared to his. Jericho says he doesn’t know who it is, but let’s get down to it…

The first pick in the draft lottery is…… (long pause) holy crap. IT’S JOHN CENA.

Cena comes to the ring as a million questions run through the heads of millions of WWE fans world wide. The St. Louis crowd is insane as Cena shakes Chris Jericho’s hand. The crowd chants as Jericho says he cannot believe it and how could this happen? Cena says every member of both rosters, nobody is safe, he got the call and John Cena is officially Raw. The champ is herrrrrrr. Jericho points out that there are two champions on one show and the last time that happened, he beat them both and became the first ever undisputed champion. Jericho then talks about Cena and how he is a little ahead of him musically, but it’s ok kid, because he has potential. Jericho says he has to go for it, full force, even if it means alienating wrestling fans. Cena says the only reason he is here is because of these people. Cena then does his “You want some” bid and Christian’s music hits and HE comes to the ring!

Christian has no robe, just a black T-shirt on. He walks in the ring and grabs a mic. Tomko looks on as usual. Christian says his eyes must be deceiving him because John Cena is on Raw. He says he heard the cheers and they sounded like the cheers they used to give another fraud in this town.. Mark McGuire? He said Mark made these people look like complete morons just like he is going to right now. Christian says it won’t take an act of congress to expose Cena as a fraud. He says this is his show and tells Cena to take a stroll. Then he says “Canada in the house, cuz that’s how I roll.” Cena asks Jericho if it is alright to handle his business. Cena mocks Christian and them rhymes in creepy little bastard on him. He then mocks a rap on the Brood saying he couldn’t cut. Gangrel was sucking blood, he was sucking something else. Cena then raps some more, it’s real good funny stuff actually. He says he’s going to lay it down and since it’s the highlight reel they must be the assclowns. He then calls Tomko Christian’s life partner. He tears them up and says he would beat both their asses. He says he better pray they switch shows and for old times sake, here’s a 5 second pose. Cena poses with you can;t see my style and then moves all his fingers until his middle one is left up. Christian slaps him and a brawl ensues. Cena bumps Christian over the top rope and Jericho cracks Tomko with a punch and that leads to an FU on Tomko by Cena!

Intercontinental Title Match (Handi Capped)
Referee: Jack Doan
Hassan and Daivari vs. Shelton Benjamin (c)

J.R and the King tell us that Hassan threatened to sue if he was not treated fairly so he guesses this is part of the agreement. If Hassan OR Daivari get the pin, Hassan gets the belt.

The start:

Hassan and Shelton lock up, Hassan backs into his corner where he shoulders Benjamin. Benjamin clocks both men and fights out of the corner. He hits Hassan with a few hip tosses followed by an arm bar. Shelton hits a big hip toss as the fans chant “USA.” Benjamin hangs Daivari on the top rope but Hassan gets a shot in. They get shots in on him but he nips up and gives Hassan a back suplex.

Mid Match Notes:

Benjamin waits for Hassan to get up and he delivers a knee right to the head of Hassan. He sets up for the stinger splash but Daivari moves Hassan out of the way. Hassan hits his finishing move and goes for the cover. 1…2… THE BELL RINGS BUT BENJAMIN’S FOOT IS ON THE ROPES. Daivari gets the title and puts it on Hassan but Jack Doan takes it away and says the feet were on the ropes! Doan restarts the match as WWE go to a commercial break.

When we come back Shelton is in a head lock but he works his way out with elbows and he takes Hassan down with a tackle. Benjamin hits a samoan drop, he looks for the 3 but Diavari gets involved. Benjamin piocks him up and chokes him but Hassan clubs his back. They both throw him into the steel ring post shoulder first. Hassan goes outside the ring and causes further damage on the shoulder. Hassan controls Shelton and works on his arm for a bit as the fans try to get behind Shelton.

Shelton works his way back up but Hassan gives him a single arm DDT to the mat. Daivari is tagged in and he works more on the arm. Benjamin gets an inside cradle for a two count but Daivari gives him a dropkick to the knee. He covers and gets a two count. Daivari wrenches the arm of the champion keeping him close to Hassan in the corner.

The Finish:

Shelton fires his way up and he drops Diavari with a high back body drop and a few clotheslines. Hassan comes in, he gets a clothesline. Shelton splashes Daivari and then chucks Hassan out of the ring. Daivari comes out of the corner and Shelton plants him with the T-Bone. 1..2…3! Hassan was too late!

Winner and STILL IC Champion: Shelton Benjamin

Tajiri and Regal:

Regal finds Tajiri and asks where he was all night, hanging around with Paul Heyman? He tells Tajiri that he doesn’t want him taking part in this nonsense. Tajiri say “no,” and starts going off in Japanese. Benoit is there as well and he asks what Regal is talking about. ECW was his start and they gave him a chance. He says they are going to have fun this Sunday, isn’t that right Tajiri? Tajiri smiles and says yes. Regal says he is part of Bischoff’s army so they are either with him or without him. He asks Tajiri what he has to say and Tajiri chants “ECW!” The fans go wild.

The Coach and Bischoff talk about Heyman and Bischoff says it is only a rumor. There is a knock at the door and Bischoff gets excited thinking it is John Cena. Hassan and Daivari show up and Hassan demands that the decision be reversed on his behalf. Bischoff says he cannot do that but next week there will be a one man committee here to hear his troubles. Hassan assumes McMahon but Bischoff says it is not so. He then says it will be none other than.. STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! NEXT WEEK ON RAW!

Referee: Chad Patton
Chris Masters vs. Val Venis

Highlights are shown from last week when Masters cheated to get Venis with his lock.

The start:

Venis attacks Masters from behind with a head of steam right in the middle of his entrance! Venis gains control but Masters throws him into the buckle. Venis gets a knee up and bangs Master’s head off the buckle. He then chops him and works him down where he kicks him in the back.

Mid Match Notes:

Venis pummels the crap out of Masters in the corner with short arm clotheslines and punches. He then drops Masters in the middle of the ring with an arm ring slam for a two count. Masters heads to the outside and Masters gives him a shot. Masters tries to slam Venis into the steps but Venis blocks and smashes Master’s head right off it. Back in the ring Venis tries to climb through the ropes but Masters kicks him right above the gut. Masters tries to take advantage but Venis kicks him with knees and then he hits a fisherman suplex for a two count. Masters tries to run but Venis grabs him by the shorts and clubs him. Venis then drops him with a spinning sitdown back suplex bomb for another two count. Masters gets ANOTHER shot in but Venis drops him with a spinebuster. All Venis so far as Masters has a busted lip.

The Finish:

Venis mounts Masters for a 10 punch but halfway through Masters throws him off the ropes right onto his upper back/neck area. He quickly jumps on Venis and slaps the Masterlock on him. Venis nearly gets out but he cannot. He is out and the match is over.

Winner: Chris Masters

HHH and Ric Flair are shown in the back and they pump up for the contract signing and he Flair says he better make sure Batista signs the damned thing. Then after that, they know the plan.

Contract Signing:

Bischoff comes to the ring and says to the fans that Heyman is rumored to show up and he is not alone. Bischoff tells him to bring it, because he is the reason ECW failed. ECW also failed because they do not have matches like Hell in a Cell and they don’t have an athlete like this man, a man who has never lost a Hell in a Cell match; HHH!

The Game strolls to the ring by himself looking spiffy. Bischoff says that the draft has a protection and if HHH or Batista is drafted to Smackdown, Hell in a Cell will still take place. HHH says damn right. He doesn’t give a crap about this draft. HHH then pumps himself up and says it is a fact that he will prove for the 11th time that he is the best when he walks out the world heavyweight champion. He asks the fans if they don’t believe him? Don’t believe what he says? He says he prepared a little something to remind them. He says it’s not for the weak at heart. A Hell in a Cell video then shows with highlights of HHH, Mick Foley, and others. HHH voices over from his promo last week. HHH says the title is coming home, lightning stuck twice, but it will not happen a third time. At this time Batista’s music hits and he makes his way down the ramp to a huge ovation. Batista looks the former champion in the eye and says HHH is done talking. He says he’s never been in a hell in a cell and he doesn’t care. They are both going to hurt, bleed, and go until they can’t go any longer. He says they are going to HELL. He’s ready to pay for his sins, how about HHH, is he ready to pay? He says he doesn’t fear the cell and doesn’t fear HHH either. Bischoff cuts in and says it is time to make this official. Both men sit down as security guards look on. Bischoff asks HHH as the challenger to sign first. HH signs and then bischoff asks Batista to sign. Batista does so and it is official. The two men stare each other down. HHH grabs the mic, goes an inch from Batista and tells him he just signed his own death warrant. Batista says “GOOD, cuz you’re going to have to kill mne to take this.” (holds up world title) HHH says that after Hell in a Cell this thing between them will be over.. for good. HHH then extends his hand to Batista!? Batista shakes it and then grabs HHH and pulls him right into his face. Batista says HHH said he is going to meet the devil, but at Vengeance, he is going to kick… the devil’s.. ass. Both men stare at one another and HHH backs off as WWE goes to commercial break.

6 person tag match
Referee: Mike Chioda
Victoria and The Heart Throbs vs. Rosey/Hurricane, and Christy Hemme

The music of the Heart Throbs hit in the arena as Antonio and Romeo made their way to the ring, and they will be teaming with Victoria in this six person tag match against The Hurricane, Rosey and Christy Hemme w/ Stacy Kiebler!

The start:
The Hurricane and Antonio kicked things off with a tie up. Hurricane hit a firemans carry but Antonio came back with a kick to the gut and some right hands. Hurricane scored with a vertical suplex and floated over for two when Romeo broke the fall. Antonio tagged Romeo in and they hit a double side Russian leg sweep on Hurricane for two. Antonio back in who threw Hurricane hard into the corner and kicked away at him. Antonio hit a vertical suplex for another near fall and then tagged Romeo back in.

Mid Match Notes/Finish:
The Heart Throbs hit a double suplex and then tagged in Victoria. Victoria stomped Hurricane but then he kicked her away and tagged in Christy. Christy hit a series of clotheslines and a stomp, and then threw Victoria to the mat by the hair. Christy choked Victoria and then things broke down as the referee pulled her off of Victoria. Rosey and Hurricane took out the Heart Throbs and Christy continued choking Victoria and then referee called for the bell!

Winners by DQ: Victoria and The Heart Throbs

Christy tackled Victoria through the ropes and mounted her again and started choking her some more. The Hurricane and Rosey pulled Christy off and took her to the back and Victoria has been rocked here tonight,

Backstage, Bischoff was with some guy and told him that if Heyman wants a fight, he will give him one hell of a fight tonight. He then walked into his office and Cena was on the couch. Bischoff said it was great to have him on RAW and Cena said it’s great to be here. Bischoff said he has a great idea for the main event next week, Cena teaming with Chris Jericho to take on Christian and Tyson Tomko! Bischoff said they could have a great relationship, but Cena said that ain’t his thing. Bischoff said it would be his honor for Cena to join the ECW crusade, but Cena said no. Cena said he don’t play politics and said him and his boys used to watch Nitro and then turned over at 9 when RAW started. Cena said he has four draft picks left, and to see one of them, because you can’t see me.

Kane comes out to the ring after highlights are shown from last week. The music of Edge hits but he does not look in wrestling gear. Edge says he is the bearer of good news and bad news. The bad news is tonight, he won’t be his opponent, but he will be at Vengeance. Edge then talks some trash. Edge then teases of fighting right here, right now, but on second thought, he has a much better idea. He then brings out Lita. Lita reminds Kane that Vengeance will be in Las Vegas, or sin city, where anything can happen. “Slut” chants. Lita says after he gets beaten they will be overjoyed and go and celebrate and maybe go to one of those overnight wedding chapels and get married. Edge then hints that they will also have sex. They make out on the top of the ramp as Kane looks on furiously. Kane was supposed to have a match but it was not to be!

ECW Rulz Match
Referee: Earl Hebner
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky

The Coach joins King and J.R as we will have the ECW Rulz match!

The start:

Benoit starts it quickly baseball sliding Snitsky. He cracks snitsky with a garbage can lid and then he throws a few into the ring. He cracks Snitsky yet again, and again. Benoit tosses Snitsky in the ring where hepunches away on him. Benoit kicks him in the corner but Snitsky reverses an Irish whip. Benoit ducks a blow and goes for the crossface but Snitsky slams him with a garbage can lid

Mid Match Notes:

Snitsky slams Benoit and places a trash can in the corner. He whips Benoit back first into it. He then does it to the other side of the ring into the other garbage can. He picks Benoit up and gives him a side slam on the trash can lid for a two count. Snitsky stomps away on Benoit. Snitsky waist for Benoit to get up, he does for a boot but Benoit ducks and Snitsky is hung up on the ropes crotch first. Benoit cracks him with a trash can in the head. Benoit holds up the can then drops it and goes outside to get a table! Benoit stands the table up in the ring, Snitsky goes for a blow, Benoit ducks and hits multiple german suplexes. He places Snitsky on the table and he headbutts the crap out of him! Snitsky lays on the table as Benoit goes to the top rope! Snitsky gets off the table and shakes the ropes. Snitsky cracks Benoit with a trash can lid and Benoit goes flying to the outside. Snitsky stares down at him but as he does the crowd goes wild. What for?? The DUDLEY BOYS! They stand behind Snitsky and they nail him with a 3-D through the table! They chant ECW and the fans follow and then they get chased by security as WWE go to commercial break!

J.R says during the break the match continued and Benoit climbed the top and gave Snitsky the headbutt on the broken table.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Security finds the Dudley Boys in the back and they get arrested per request of the Coach. Heyman shows up and asks what the hell is going on. Heyman says Bischoff asked for the challenge, they show up, and get arrested? Coach asks if he is calling Bischoff a coward. Heyman explain that he answered the challenge and then gets arrested? What is that all about? Coach says to uncuff them and on behalf of Raw, he accepts the challenge. He tells them to stay here because knowing Eric Bischoff, he will want to call them out himself! We go to commercial break as Heyman and the Dudley Boys plot.

Bischoff Challenges ECW:

Bischoff comes to the ring with Tyson Tomko, Edge, and Christian. Bischoff says he showed up with the Dudley Boyz? That’s it? He says all he is doing is making their jobs that much easier. He says tonight they will take him out and they won’t have to show up at One Night Stand. After tonight, whatever crumbs are left, they can just feed to Smackdown and they will kill the rest off. “ECW” chants start up again. Bischoff says he knows Heyman is back there and he is going to do something most would never thought he’d do. He calls Heyman out. Heyman and The Dudley Boys are shown and they seem to be leaving the building. Bubba hits stuff as Bischoff smiles. But they do NOT leave the building. They look pumped up as Heyman grabs a mic and they climb over the rail and stand in the rampway. Heyman says he keeps making the same mistake over and over and over again by making it about Paul Heyman, but it isn’t about him. It’s about ECW. Heyman talks about how Bischoff had millions of dollars and all kinds of stuff but they never had the bond with the fans that ECW had. Heyman says that ECW never backed down to ANYONE. The Dudley Boys slide in the ring and stare down Tomko, Christian, and the rest. Bischoff says “Oh really?” Well maybe you’ll just back down from this. Many more wrestlers come from the Raw locker room including Maven, La Resistance, and a few others. Heyman says “Eric, I guess you didn’t hear me, ECW backs down from NOBODY.” He points to the crowd and down come Dreamer, Rhyno, Sandman, Balls Mahoney, and Axl Rotten! Heyman says they never back down from a fight! A brawl ensues. Coach gets whacked with a chair, Sandman wails people with a cane, Dreamer canes a few people, Rhyno gores Edge! Maven is surrounded and he is tied upside down in the tree of woe by Balls Mahoney. A Chair is held in front of his face and Dreamer gives it a baseball slide. The Dudley Boys then give him a 3-D! Drowning Pool plays as ECW stands tall in the Raw ring!

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